2018’s Top Rated iPhone Application Development Trends to Watch


The global pool of mobile technology has unquestionably progressed and expanded on a very large scale while giving rise to today’s globally dominating mobile devices manufacturing and mobile applications development industry. It cannot be denied that mobile technology has not only given us a new way to connect and interact with others but in addition to that, it has given us a whole new way to interact and stand by the modern day world of highly digitized environment.

Mobile app developers are now moving onto newer horizons where they are about to encounter bigger frontiers and challenges in order to meet the end users’ ever changing needs and demands. While looking more specifically, it can be easily said that the mobile manufacturing and software companies are trying their best to introduce newer ideas and concepts that are absolutely making the best when it comes to user satisfaction where Google and Apple are considered as the pioneers of today’s mobile technology.

Let us now get to know the 5 top most iPhone app development trends to watch in the year 2018.

Augmented Reality

Apple officials have worked way hard and invested huge efforts in bringing their very own AR Kit that exclusively enables iPhone app developers to deliver high end augmented reality iPhone and iPad mobile applications. According to the company officials, the release of AR Kit is just the beginning and the world will see a whole new picture of mobile technology that will be based on Augmented Reality very soon.

Machine Learning

Apple has also released and made their very own Core ML framework that enables the iOS app development experts to make full use of their machine learning technology and integrating into their iOS mobile apps to cater today’s end users’ dynamic demands. According to most of the app developers, the inclusion of Core ML is one of the finest and exclusive value additions that Apple has made in terms of standing by the latest industry trends. Moreover, experts believe that the use of Core ML will definitely revolutionize and enrich the iOS app development domain all across the world.

Artificial Intelligence

Apple has unquestionably started to move forward at a much faster pace in order to maintain the best balance between the devices and technologies it offers to its customers and end users and today’s industry dynamically changing dimensions. According to the company officials, Artificial Intelligence is the future of mobile technology and will definitely dominate the entire segment of mobile applications regardless of the nature of mobile applications and the industries to which they will belong to.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is Apple’s very own mobile payment and wallet solution that enables it users to make easy and reliable mobile transactions that always just a few taps away. According to the company officials, Apple Pay has considerably succeeded in gaining increased preferences form the end users and have observed consistent increase in the number of its users. Most of the industry analysts have concluded that Apple Pay is going to be an essential component of today’s iOS domain of mobile application development.

Swift4 Programming

Swift is considered to be the most recommended and high-end programming language that has continued to progress in the year 2018. Recently introduced Swift4 has undoubtedly brought a number of value additions and exclusive features that have not only eased various processes of the mobile application development projects but in addition to that, it has also started featuring extended possibilities to the app development professionals in terms of introducing newer and improved solutions.

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2018’s top rated iPhone application development trends to watch
Let us now get to know the 5 top most iPhone app development trends to watch in the year 2018.
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