3 Signs You Can Be An Amazing Animator

The signs of what career path you will take up in the future are always present in you even when you are a child. The real challenge is to understand those signs that can help you to choose the perfect career for yourself. People spend millions of dollars honing their skills their entire lives to realize that they were not suited for a career and that can bring a lot of heart ache. So, before you choose a wrong career path for yourself and spend a lot of effort, money and time into something that you are not suited for it is highly recommended that you discover your passion and a career that suits you in the best way.

When you talk about animation then it can certainly be an amazing career for those who have spent their entire childhood sketching and doodling on their notebooks in class. But then again there is a fine line of difference in people who simply love to watch animations and people who actually are suited for it. This career path requires one to be very creative and have technical knowledge as well. A blend of both these abilities can help a person achieve a great and fulfilling career in the animation industry. Of course there not one criteria that fits all the people in this industry but there are certainly few characteristics that you can commonly find in a large number of professional animators. If you have some or most of these qualities then who knows maybe one day you can be successfully running your own video animation company.


You will find many people who are fine with spending their days without questioning things and simply strolling through the hours accepting everything they see and hear. A great animator is someone who is always curious. Most of the animators who have made a good name for themselves in the industry are people who have had many hobbies that help them spend their time productively. Another great thing about being curious is that it helps you find things that excite you and help you get inspired and inspiration is one of the main ingredients that make awesome animators.

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You have an eye for art:

According to many successful animators having an eye for art is one of the few things that set you apart from the herd and is a clear sign that you have that spark that can help you become a great animator one day. If you have been the kind of a kid who was always busy making detailed sketches when you were required to solve your math sums or if you were always a kid who could pick out designs and patterns in things that most kids your age couldn’t catch then you have that basic ingredient that can help you go a long way in the field of animation.

Now, art is not just sketching or doodling on the side of your notebook but being able to come up with great stories and having an active imagination is also a clear indication that you are special when it comes to the animation field. No animations are complete without an emotion triggering story.

Good at concentrating for longer periods of time:

If you are someone who finds it easy to focus on something for hours and hours when it piques your interest then you should know that having the ability to find yourself lost in your work of interest is an essential characteristic that can lead you to live a life of a successful animation. Creating animation requires hours of focus and undivided attention and if you are someone who has that ability then you are perfectly suited for the field of animation.

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