4 Home Decor Trends to Follow in 2020

Home Decor Trends

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Home decor has always been a buzz for human society. We want to live in beautiful houses, and for that, we keep exploring the latest ways of a home makeover. 2020 is a challenging year for the world, and conditions are atrocious from forest fire incidents to the corona pandemic. Perhaps this is why we have more reasons to make our homes better, as we need to feel positive.

Some home decor trends from 2020 may help you change the mood of your place.

1 Anti-bacterial wall paint receives frequent demand

Currently, the hottest issue in the world is the corona. It is better to start with something related to it. Hygiene and prevention from germs and bacterial have become essential concerns after covid-19. People want the security and cleanliness of every corner of their homes.

The anti-bacterial wall paints are more in demand as a solution to the concern of a clean atmosphere.  Although it was already in the market, in 2020, people are more inclined to do such coatings on their walls. This trend is going to stay for long as the virus is expected to stay for a long time or maybe forever.

Benefits of antibacterial paint –

  • Protects against microbes
  • More durable than the regular paint coating
  • Keeps the atmosphere safe, clean and healthy
  • Available in all colour choices

2 Create stories in the corner

Why do we always need to pay heed to more prominent and broader surfaces? After all, our corners have all the efficiency to create a complete story. They can change the feel of a place COMPLETELY.

2020 is quite creative about the corners of the houses.  Here are some suggestions for that –

  • Sculpture sensation – A piece of art can change the whole picture of a room. But a masterpiece sculpture that describes your choice for artwork with a precise meaning. Place it in the corner and make sure that the edge is not out of adequate light. It should get proper attention of the beholder, and for that, it should not remain in the dull light or darkness.
  • Change the placement of furniture – Do not leave the corner lonely anymore. Change the setting of your furniture, and this time occupies the corner. It will suddenly tailor the feel of the room.
  • Corner shelves are useful – Not only decorate the corners but make them useful too. Get small and workable shelves installed in the corner and place things like books, showpieces etc. Your study room or living room with such setting will get into the conversation with the rest of the house.

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Just like the above, there are many more ideas. Hang a chair, decorate with paintings, create a lookout point, place a plant, etc. are the awesome ideas.

3 Earthy and organic stuff for a calm appearance

The year is not about the quirky and bright coloured things or fashionable home decor stuff.  It is more neutral and down-to-earth in its approach. Add the things that make your place look uncomplicated and straightforward.  

  • Wicker furniture
  • Raw wood
  • Neutral colour rugs
  • Add earthy and organic things like crystals, hardboard things, etc.

People with a simple approach towards life can always match their mood with this idea. Such type of home decor is timeless in importance. You do not need to change things in every weather. In addition, the cost-effective options are available in the market, and they are friendly to your budget and wallet.

4 Add glamour with metal

Metallic experiments have a dominating effect on the home decor market. The myriad of options and trends in the industry serve every need. They can drastically change the feel, meaning, and appearance of the place.

If you are in love with the shiny, glamorous things, then the metal is your research subject. You can use metallic designs and shades in anything.

  • In lighting
  • On centre tables
  • Curtain rods
  • Mirror frame
  • In the background of double bed
  • Home office
  • Bookshelves

Whatever and wherever your creativity allows you to experiment, go ahead, and materialise your idea. Metal is evergreen and smart way of making your home look unprecedented and stunningly beautiful.

So, what do you think???

2020 is all about the above home decor ideas, but do not underestimate this year on the part of versatility. The companies are getting back to the normalcy despite the pandemic interior designers trying to help people.

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4 Home Decor Trends to Follow in 2020

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