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An Apple Review-iPad Air, iPad 8th Gen, Apple Watch Se, Series 6 Price, Specs

Hello, friends welcome to my blogging website, I hope all are good and safe. today I will be telling you about the four new devices from Apple which have been launched in India. I am going to give you the full details about these devices and also I will be telling you whether you should upgrade or should you buy the older version of these devices.

Because after the new devices have been launched in the market the older versions will be available for a more affordable price. so let’s start and talk about the Apple review and all these devices. We present Apple review, gadgets iPad Air, iPad 8th gen, Apple watch, give a review, and discuss price, features, and specification.

Apple Review | Let’s talk about the Apple gadgets

1) Apple Watch 6 series

It has been launched and the pricing of this in India is approximately 40,000 Rupees. The best smartwatch in India is from series 6 and in this you are getting a new chipset called S6 chipset and the new features that you get in this device is the blood oxygen level feature.

At the time of the coronavirus pandemic, this thing will be very useful in this watch and this is done for the first time from Apple’s side. They are given this feature so you can measure your blood oxygen level with this watch.

So many bands are available which can make the look and feel of the devices very distinct. they come in multiple colors and there are a total of 3 watches available. one of those is the Apple watch series 6 the second one is the Apple watch SE.

Apple Review

2) Apple watch SE

Which comes at a price of rupees 30000 this is the latest generation watch from Apple in this you are getting the latest processor which is the Apple S5 processor and the display of this watch is good but this watch will be lacking some features like the blood oxygen level measuring feature but still, there are a lot of features available in this which you get in the Apple latest device.

And you can also go for the Apple watch series 3 which is already available in India for approximately 20,000 so the price will be lower and I think during the Diwali sale you will be getting a lot of offers on this.

If you go for the Apple watch series 3 it is a little bit older but it has a full range of features and it is a feature-rich watch. so you can go for that.

3) The latest iPad Air

The design has been changed, the touch ID has been moved from the bottom to the sides so you are getting a button in the form of touch ID on the side and it looks exactly like iPad Pro and the starting price of this is rupees 54000 rupees.

So it is a premium tablet that you can go for and you won’t be getting the Apple pencil with any iPad you have to buy separately which comes for rupees 8000 to 10000 rupees. Now let’s talk about one more iPad which is the iPad 7th generation upgrade iPad 8th generation.

But in terms of look and feel it is the same as the iPad 7th generation the touch ID is at the same place but the processor has been upgraded and the display has been made most sensitive and better and the design of this device has been made more refined from the sides and on the backside, you are getting many color options like gold silver and grey.

The pricing of the Apple iPad 7th generation which used to be rupees 30000 approximately will be the same but now you can get the iPad 8th generation for the same price and rupees 30,000 only you will be getting only the iPad and not the pen which you’ll have to buy separately for rupees 8000 to 10000 so please keep this thing in your mind while buying.

If you are interested in buying the best headphones? So I would like to Apple review the best upcoming headphones. We are talking about the top 5 best upcoming headphones that are going to release shortly.

Also for rupees 30000, you can buy the 32GB variant of the iPad 7 generation so the storage is limited there and in that case, you cannot use an SD card so before buying the iPad you should consider these things and if you want to buy a different device similar to iPad tablet then you have an option of buying  Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite.

Which could be a better option. It comes at the same price point and in that, you also get an s-pen but the display that you get there is not an AMOLED or OLED but it is an IPS LCD. there could be a little bit of a problem with Ram management but overall functionality-wise this is a very good device and there is no problem with the device.

The new device that is the iPad Air has a USB type C port that means this is a kind of a hint that you will be getting a type C port in the iPhone 12 too. which could be a big deal and because of that all the connectivity issues will be solved. and you can use your Android cable with the iPhones but we will be able to know for sure in October because the launch of the iPhone 12 has been delayed because of the Corona and normally it used to be launched in September so everything has been delayed because of this pandemic.

So you will be getting the iPhone 12 in October and only then you will be able to get this in the sale and one thing is for sure that it will be available before Diwali. one more thing which is important is that the latest processor from Apple has been launched which you can find in the iPad Air. It is the Apple A14 Bionic chip which is a 5nm processor and this is the first processor which is based on 5nm. it is a very high-end processor it has 11.8billion transistors and it can have more than 11 trillion operations per second.

So this is a highly efficient CPU and it is coming from Apple first. However, Qualcomm is working on this chipset too. But, that will be coming in the year 2021 and Apple has given the latest 5nm chipset in their phones and the same processor will be available on the iPhone 12.


So these were all the updates that were about the Apple devices. There are so many an Appel review, features and so many details you can get from our articles on our website.

Whether you should buy iPad Air or should you go for the iPad 8th generation or if you should buy the older version of the iPad. all these things will be answered on our website also which watch you should buy. and which watch you should buy and which iPad you should buy. That’s it in this blog post. Thank you very much. Jai Hind, Vande Mataram.

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