Aspiring to be a Certified Big Data Professional?

Big Data Professional

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Big data professionals are the new rage in the current digital and technical scene. If you manage to get a big data certification, you will be in high demand. If you are technically savvy and career-driven, big data Professional is one of the most lucrative careers at the moment. You need to be the master of getting all the insights out of the big data in question. The market of business intelligence software is expected to grow exponentially in 2020 and the coming years.

Does a six-figure median base salary impress you? Guess what! The growth potential for experts of big data Professionals is way more impressive! No wonder people are keen on big data certifications and I am no exception. I have subscribed to the gig plan of Charter Spectrum Internet recently to prepare well for my upcoming big data certification. If you are interested to pursue a career in this booming industry, make sure you become a master of this skill with one of the following certifications. The more the better!

Some Tips of Certified Big Data Professional

AWS Big Data Specialty Certifications

If you manage to get one of the Amazon Web Services certifications, you will able to be thoroughly enlightened about the AWS ecosystem. Currently, there are five different certifications available. They are divided into two main categories, specialty, and role-based. Big data certifications fall in the specialty category.

Being AWS big data certified means that you are a genuine pro in big data. The 3-hour test determines whether you are capable of getting the value out of a big data Professional set. And whether you are capable of automating the process. So get ready for some crippling anxiety of solving a good number of multiple-choice questions in the following six domains:

  1. Processing.
  2. Storage.
  3. Collection.
  4. Analysis.
  5. Data security.
  6. Visualization.


You need to have one of the following certifications before you can appear for AWS big data certifications:

  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.
  • AWS Certified Solution Architect (associate-level certification).
  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator.
  • AWS Certified Developer.

In addition, you need to have a minimum experience of 5 years in data and analytics, design data-processing architecture, and a good understanding of how Amazon Web Services technologies fit into the data cycle.

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MCSE: Data Management and Analytics

This track is one of several certifications offered by Microsoft as a mandatory part of its expert program of Microsoft Certified Solutions. It is a series of nine different tests. You are expected to pass at least one of these. They are offered through a testing company, Pearson VUE, facilitating aspiring professionals to take the test online or at physical locations.


You need to have one of the following to appear for MCSE in Data Management and Analytics:

  • MCSA in SQL Server (2012/2014).
  • MCSA in SQL Database Administration 2016.
  • Machine Learning.
  • BI Development.
  • Database Development.

Cloudera Certifications

Cloudera offers four different certifications, which allow you to turn raw data into useful info using their platform.

CCP Data Engineer

Becoming a Cloudera Certified Professional Data Engineer means that you can wrangle big data Professionals into a useful and clean shape to be used for various purposes. You will be able to develop autonomous, reliable, and scalable data pipelines to get optimized data sets.

CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer

Being a Cloudera Certified Associate Spark and Hadoop Developer demonstrates that you can ingest, develop, and process data by leveraging Apache Spark as well as Cloudera Enterprise tools.

CCA Administrator

It makes you capable of installing and setting up Cloudera Manager as well as CDH. You will be able to perform basic and advanced level configurations essentially needed for a Hadoop cluster administration.

CCA Data Analyst

You will be able to prepare, analyze, and structure data in the CDH environment of Cloudera. You will also be able to import data into Hadoop from MySQL, alter and create tables, and create reports with select as well as join queries.

Microsoft Azure Certification Exam (70-475)

If you specifically need to work on Microsoft Azure for big data, you should consider taking Exam 70-475. This exam counts towards the MCSE, MCP, and MCSA. This is also offered via Pearson VUE online and at physical locations. This particular certification covers 3 basic areas:

  • Designing big data processing solutions in real-time.
  • Designing big data interactive solutions and batch processing.
  • Making end-to-end cloud analytics solutions operational.


  • Relevant work experience.

MongoDB Certifications

These are actually two certifications, namely, MongoDB Developer Associate and Mongo Database Administrator Associate. When it comes to NoSQL technologies, MongoDB is one of the most popular names. These certifications prepare you to handle and work effectively with NoSQL databases.

Being a DB certified developer, you will be able to craft apps with Mongo. And being a DBA certified (Mongo Database Administrator), you can use the open-source database management technology of Mongo to extract value from loosely-structured datasets.


  • None. But it is recommended that you complete the training course. The registration of this exam comes with a free study guide as a perk.

If you are aspiring for a serious career being a big data professional, these certifications are pivotal to your resume. After becoming a pro at these, fixing stuff like Spectrum tv error hl1000 will be a piece of cake for you! That was just a joke. These certifications will prove your skill and will make you an unstoppable and much sought-after resource for any company handling big data!

Aspiring to be a Certified Big Data Professional?

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