Everything That You Need To Be Informed About Augmented Veracity Event Planning

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Are you aware that about 88% of the event planners were building arrangements to congregate virtual reality events? And about 87% of them designed some type of augmented reality event too. Obviously, virtual event planning has been in high demand at the moment.

Whether you are new to the event tech or you are looking for some inspiration for your next big AR and VR event, here is the breakdown about everything you will need to be informed to feel confident regarding having that skill.


Virtual Reality (VR) versus Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality is the hardware filter that we can utilize to see our planet, but with the effect, image, and sound over it. It is most commonly used by apps on Smartphone. Then again, virtual reality is a really immersive experience that usually requires the total headset and the controller system to take pleasure.

Both of the technologies had been even famous, and thanks to the gaming spheres and pop culture. Whether it is the whole VR/AR event or just the event with the VR/AR elements, there are lots to gain in it with the current technology in the event planning technique. 

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How to use the Augmented Reality and the Virtual Reality for your events?

The utensils that have come out already using AR and VR for the event planning had been very promising. They can be utilized before, during, and also with after any occasion to help your event planning procedure and let your guests wow on the definite day.

Here are some of the ways that you can add in this technology in your events today:

1. Train your planning team and event staffs. The brand such as Mercedes Benz makes the 3D model videos in training their employees in each level.

2. Showcase sponsorship packages. This sports industry had already embraced immersive technology with businesses such as Coca-Cola by using it to promote hundreds of major occasions worldwide. 

3. Take the benefits of the totally immersive trips. The sites such as Cvent’s Supplier Network will allow you to explore interactive floor planning for worldwide and some other like Virtual Fam Trip had that global database of occasion venues that you may tour without leaving your office. Those facilities that had been under construction now might even have visited that can be availed for their future built event spaces will look like.

4. Speed up your RFP process. The virtual reality makes it simpler for the venue managers to attain to event planners and also with vendors and showed them the inside of the space, by using tools like the Social Tables photography realistic 3D diagramming.

5. Adopt the AR app that will drive event traffic. One example app is Google’s ARCore that allow the guests to interact with the branded conferences and the trade show booths in the total new ways through the elements such as customizable games and educational pop ups. Promote these features in ahead of time so it can aid to push the ticket sales. 

In general, being ahead of the arc on these 2 key trends can aid to impress partners and clients, while at the same time making your job simpler too!

New means to have the most from the AR/VR During Events

This machinery makes for the very impressive add-on to everything from the birthday parties for the high profile meetings up to trade shows.

Below is just the experience of what you will do:

1. Offer affordable and lightweight entertainment. The visual effects glasses, such as the type made by the Hi-Lites will turn any light to a custom shape and does not require the investment in the complex equipment.

2. Utilize branded filters and hashtags for the high ROI or return of investment social media content. Businesses such as SnapChat are doing this successfully thing already, but you may always make your own branded encounter by the video and the photo options with a bit little help from the AR.

3. Narrate stories about the origin or the brand of the products. You may use any VR machinery to tell a related story that at once invites all the viewers to become an active participant and also formed an emotional bond – that is what all the best events are doing for their guests!

4. Give the post-event access into the event content. The experts say that since the average consumer had access to the brands such as Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift, they will enjoy your immersive encounters even after they left your venue or booth.

5. Install confide in your customer base by product demonstrations. Whether it is a model, an experience, a tour, or pretty much anything will be recreated by the VR. Seeing can still be thinking, however, in this case the audience will have to see, touch, try out and hear the wide array of offerings that will never be possible otherwise.

Its’ only augmented reality and virtual reality event planning limitations lie in your personal imagination. The tools will be used in every facet of the occasion planning process. From the inception to the creation, AR and VR have proved to become welcoming event additions for mutual companies who used them and those attendees who benefited from them.

Remember, do not just take the words for it, but check the best examples from the real life events that feature those virtual/AR event preparations.

Everything That You Need To Be Informed About Augmented Veracity Event Planning

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