Avoid Cyber Bullying Attacks

How to Avoid Cyber Bullying Attacks You’re Most Likely to Face

Cybersecurity attacks over the years are on the rise and people who use cell phones for Android, IOS blackberries and also use computer machines such as MAC and windows are the main targets.  People mostly got cyber-attacks such as social engineered attacks, password phishing attacks, through unpatched software and advanced persistent online attacks. All these attacks are involved in damaging the sensitive data stored within a device for making money. However, there is another online attack that is very common in the modern tech-world is cyberbullying.  The attack is basically to target young kids and teens via cell phone and internet to harm the young target without using the virus and malware. The online bullies’ sexual and abusive language, racist slogans, shared sexually explicit material to the teens and kids and threatening warnings just for having entertainment and for fun.

Impacts of cyberbullying on young minds

Online bullies do attacks on young kids and teens online and the victims have the very bad impact on their minds. There is no difference between online bullying and real-life bullying because the results are the same when it comes to psychological effects on the victim. They may go into deep depression, anxiety, feel humiliated, start living lonely and in swear cases, few may attempt suicide. So, in short, it is the most dangerous form of cyber –attacks because it directly hits the human mind rather than to a machine. On the other hands, the more horrifying part of these kinds of attacks; it makes victims to the young kids and teens

How cyber bullies operate?

Online bullies always use the digital world and they usually present on all online public forums. They use chat rooms of different social platforms and they also use the social messaging apps such as Facebook, Tinder, Yahoo, line, Vine, WhatsApp and plenty of others. Because they are fully aware of the fact that young kids and teens are present in huge numbers on these social messaging platforms and they have high chances to make them as their victim. They just not present as online bullies, they are also available as stalkers, sexual predators, child abusers and in the number of others forms. Cyberbullies always make victims to the young teens and minors, because they are the very soft target for them online.

 Avoid cyber bullies attacks: But how!

It is obvious that parents are the ones who never let their child become the online victim of any cyber attacker such as online bullies. Therefore, they have to take some serious steps to avoid all the cyber-attacks kids and teens facing in the digital world.Cyberbullying and tweens. What to do when Your Child is a BullyParents can stop or avoid the cyber bullies attacks with the help of cell phone and computer surveillance software. They just need to install the Kids monitoring software on kids and teen’s cell phone device. First of all, parents have to subscribe to it and get the passcode and ID and get then install the spyware for phones & computer devices on a targeted device. Then use the credentials and get access to the web portal. Now you need to visit the phone and computer spying features.

Social Media Monitoring – What Parents Need To Know? You can use the IM’s social media of the cell phone monitoring app and you will be able to see IM’s logs, text messages, chat conversations, shared media and Voice calls. This activity will let you know with whom your kids and teens are talking at the moment and what sort of messages they are receiving on social messaging apps. Further, you can block all the platforms or websites that are inappropriate for kids and teens with the help of windows and MAC monitoring app. Moreover, a user can do the screen recording of all the activities happen on your target cell phone device with the help of live screen recording. You can do the screen recording of all the trendy social media apps and others. However, you can spy on text messages, MMS, SMS and BMM chat messages. You can even spy on calls to know to whom kids and teens are talking with secret phone call recorder. In-case, someone is tried to bully online your kid or teen, you can remotely control your target phone with remotely phone controller. You can block incoming text messages from the stranger, incoming calls and even block the internet remotely.


Parents can prevent all cyber bullies attacks on their kids and teens with the help of cell phone and computer surveillance software.

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