4 benefits of timely cloud backup and disaster recovery plan

cloud backup and disaster recovery plan

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Organizations that fail to back up their important data at a favorable time suffer the drastic consequences of losing data. Which is why a timely backup and disaster recovery plan and its implementation is important.

Cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions allow organizations to automate the process of backup and disaster recovery. This warrants timely backup of important workloads.

Whether the policy is of a full backup, incremental backup, differential backup or mirror backup; these can be automated with smart backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Here are a few benefits of having a timely backup and disaster recovery plan:

1- Reduce risk of losing important workloads with cloud backup and DR

Well, this is a no-brainer, with timely backup organizations reduce the risk of losing their important data by many folds. Cloud backup and DR solutions can be used to follow 3-2-1 backup policy for your organization, with cloud storage being an offsite backup.

Disaster recovery on cloud offers geographical diversity, this further reduces the chances of losing data residing in the same geographical location.

2- Protection from ransomware with cloud backup and DR

With timely cloud backup, there is a satisfactory level of protection form ransomware. Using cloud DRaaS solutions makes it convenient for organizations to have ransomware protection well in time.

3- Cloud backup and DR as a great return on investment

Organizations that invest in backup and disaster recovery solutions to protect their valuable digital assets reap the benefits in case of a calamity.

With protection on workloads that they cannot afford losing they save a lot of expenses in the wake of a disaster. They already move to cost efficient plan by converting capital expenses to operational expenses. This proves to be fruitful as the business disruption in minimized. Hence, ROI of time and money.

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4- Scalability ensured with cloud backup and DR

Cloud Backup and Disaster recovery solutions are scalable and can grow as the business grows. With a timely setup, the organization doesn’t have to make drastic organizational changes. They can scale-up or scale-out on resources for better provisioning of growing workloads.


Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions make more sense with timely implementations. Backup solutions on cloud support a lot of policies like incremental backup, full backup, differential backup and mirror backup.

Cloud DRaaS make life easier for organizations with the provision of ransomware protection, efficient backup and disaster recovery all as a cost-effective offering.

4 benefits of timely cloud backup and disaster recovery plan

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