Best Browsing Tips You Need To Follow At Public WiFi Places

Browsing Tips You Need To Follow At Public WiFi Places

Before reading the article, kindly check as to why you landed on this page. You may have searched on the internet for gaining info on how to be secure during online shopping or best browsing tips you need to follow at public Wi-Fi Places. Right? Good. Now let us go into the details.

Do You Need To Read This Article?

Think over again. If you are a person who is the millennial generation or who does online shopping or one who is always logged on to the internet via mobile, then the content in this article, we promise, can help you.

1. Basic Security Tip

Enough has been written on the internet about basic tips when you shop online. But when it comes to browsing via common Wi-Fi Hot spots, we found that the articles are a little less. So, this article can bring the basic security tips which can give the exact difference in safe surfing and doing activities which can cause a loss of money or identity theft.

In common, you are more addicted to getting free gifts, discounts from several reputed companies. So, when it comes to making use of Free wi-fi, you think the same and access via your mobile. Little do you know, the hackers also want the same. You seldom think about connecting to Free Wi-Fi Spots, such as on an airplane, hotel, bar or restaurant. But yes, some of these places may have specific security measures. So, some amount of security is guaranteed. However, when you access the public WiFi in buses, trains or even in the restroom, you are at complete risk.

Yes, there are mobiles with the most secure features to thwart any attack, but as a common person, are you clear about identifying the secure network from the insecure one?

The next set of paragraphs will give the best tips you need to follow during browsing at public WiFi places. Yes, it is very convenient to log in at a public Wi-Fi but you should also ensure that you are not stepping to a nightmare.

2. Right Network

During a visit to the mall, when you are logging on public WiFi, did you see many names? They look similar but are not the same. For example, a secure network can be, but a hacker’s WiFi may be In short, the other network is part of the middleman attack that is used by hackers. And this phenomenon has the term – Wi-phishing. They have only one goal – once you log in to the fake network, your confidential information can be easily accessible. And to be believed, that the fake network will have the strongest signal. So, the first best browsing tips you need to follow at public Wi-Fi Places is to select the legitimate network and not the strong network.

3. Secure Network

Are you searching for a WiFi hotspot to get logged on, in an emergency? Then try to find one where you will not be able to get access with ease. You have encountered this type of situation before, right? If you can view the lock icon (), then you will not be able to get access. In an iPhone if you are trying to access a network which is new and not stable, you get a warning – security recommendation or the browser you visit is harmful.

The above situation is not mandatory for every Public WiFI. There are some hotspots where you have the security. But it is a rule that you have to get access only through a browser to gain internet access. The keyword, you can get from the front desk of a hotel.

4. The Best Way For Maintenance of Security

You need to access hotspots in reputed places which gives a proper network to select and also a password for access. This type of method can work best in places of a conference, coffee shop or hotel.

5. To Establish Connection

Are you going to a conference? Then make the settings of your laptop so that before the connection, they will ask for recommendations. This setting is best or else they will simply get connected to the strong open network. Or they can also get connected to the network which you had earlier gained access. Well, this option saves time. But please do not assume that the network you used in a place is safe and secure as the network used in another place. If you are a hacker, with the right tools, you can easily design a reputed WiFi network name.

Now read the title again. But if you had made the settings as if the laptop or computer does have to ask your permission for connection, then it is a good option. Please note that you have different settings for iOS and Android mobile phones. And on the laptop or tablet, you need to check on the internet.

6. Hotspot Companies

Are you a person from India, who regularly flies to the US? Then, ensure to sign up for services such as Boingo. This company has entered into a partnership with other providers to give access to select locations. There is also another company Gogo where you can get hotspots in flight. You can make a payment of monthly fees.

When it comes to Boingo, you have apps for every device ranging from Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android so that you can find hotspots. Make use of this information to find the best secure hotspots during your trips to other foreign countries.

7. Hotspot 2.0

Have you heard of 802.11u? There is an option called as WiFi Certified Pass point. With this new method, you can get the best security in a hotspot. It is also possible to roam from a selected hotspot to another. So, once you get into a secure hotspot, it is possible to sign at hotspots (similar) at other places.

You need to possess the right hardware to support this option, but many of the OS such as macOS, Android or iOS and even Windows 10 support this option. In Windows, you need to follow the map of Settings – Network & Internet and then WiFi. Now, you need to activate the switch beneath Hotspot 2.0 networks. In Android, you need to follow another route that is Settings to WiFi. The next steps are to proceed to Advanced and then go to Hotspot 2.0.

8. Use a VPN

It is the rule. You should make use of a Virtual Private Network when making use of the public network. However, even with the choices of articles, and regular updates on videos, there are many (even you) who do not use a VPN when you are browsing on public WiFi.

The VPN can create a personal tunnel between your device and the VPN server. So the traffic gets encrypted. One of the best browsing tips you need to follow at public WiFi places is to ensure you have a proper VPN network. Now put the same on all your devices where you use public WiFi.

9. Personal Data Or Logging In

It is a basic tip. Ensure when you access the public WiFi, do not pay bills, make use of credit card and other similar activities. Do these jobs only at your home or in a reputed service provider.

10. Passwords

Yes, you have a lot of passwords, but please do not enter them at public WiFi places. A hacker with the best tools can sniff out the password and use for evil activities. So, make use of a password manager such as Dashlane or LastPass. Your password will stay encrypted. In public WiFi places, where you have to enter passwords, ensure you follow the two-factor authentication procedure.

11. Updates

Ensure that you always keep the OS and apps updated. The reason, an update always fix vulnerabilities. And it gets known to the entire world, once the recent version is out. So, if you have not fixed, then your device is a likely target.

The same procedure you have to follow with apps. The updates may fix security vulnerabilities.


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Best Browsing Tips You Need To Follow At Public WiFi Places
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