Mum on Mothering Sunday

The Best Gifts to Give Your Mum on Mothering Sunday

Have no clue what to get your mum on mother’s day? Don’t fret as we give you our top 5 picks for the ultimate gift ideas to make the shopping a little easier! 

But first! — a short glimpse on a special day coming up for the most precious woman in the world. Mothering Sunday is the traditional and religious term for mother’s day in the UK. The widely held observance falls on the fourth of Lent, which usually occurs on every last Sunday of March. 

Traditionally, Mothering Sunday is a special day on which people visit the church to honour their mothers. In recent years, the celebration has become more commercialized on which husbands and children start giving presents, flowers, a lovely card, time off from the household chores, and maybe some time to relax and rejuvenate at a salon or a spa. 

Our mothers are the first powerful role models for us children and they just deserve all the best in return. Gifting is one way of showing our love and gratitude to our mums so get the wheels started and buy her the best gift of all. Remember, presents don’t have to be expensive. Maybe it’s a dress she’s been eyeing for ages at the store or maybe all that matters is that it comes from the favourite kid (and that is you). Whatever the case, our list of gift ideas contains the things that will make every mum feel like a straight-up queen. 

Customized Photo Blanket

Of all the people at home, mums are known for their undying fascination with home accessories. So, give them something that fascinates them! Here’s a customized photo blanket that will make your mom stay in bed and never want to leave. You can use your mom’s favourite memories including photos from her wedding or multiple selfies of you and your siblings. 

Eyeglass Holder

If “Where are my eyeglasses?” is your mom’s favourite line, this stunning tapestry fabric eyeglass holder will surely make the search over. Also, try personalizing to make your mum feel more loved and appreciated by your sweet effort.     

Face Mask 

For busy moms who usually don’t get enough skincare routine every night, a face mask will help revitalize their ageing skin. With so many brands available in the market, some names that we keep coming back to are Glam-glow (for deep clean), Tula (for exfoliation), and Origins (for skin hydration) 

Salt Lamp

Not only does a salt lamp beautify our homes but it also provides the family with amazing health rewards. Your mum would be so happy to know these benefits including the enhancement of overall; breathing, reduction of allergies and asthma, and boosting of blood flow. It also helps promote relaxation, perfect for mums who had a busy, long day doing household chores and trying to get some rest. You can have this item at any home store or find a reputable shop online.  

Wake-up Light

This Smart Sleep Connected Wake-up Light is a product of Philips, specially designed to help people fall asleep and wake up refreshed with its interesting features (customizable sunrise and sunset simulation, light-guided wind-down breathing, and personalized settings with multiple options). Our mums would usually fall asleep late because of work, kids, and sometimes they even get addicted to smartphone-scrolling before bedtime and then wakes up early the next day, giving them a very short period of sleep. We all know how important good sleep is when it comes to health. This fruit of technology will go a long way to help. 

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