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Top 5 Best SMS Tracker Apps for Parents

Smartphones come in handy to keep yourself in touch with your friends, family members, and loved ones. But despite benefits, cell phones have a dark side too. Young kids these days are obsessed with cell phone devices, and they love to spend time on phone screens no time ever before. Kids’ desires for limitless entertainment are on the rise, and cell phones continuously support them to send and receive SMS on cellular networks and social media. Cell phones increase sexting, online dating, and sexual hookups with strangers, and it all starts with an SMS. Therefore, we are introducing the top 5 best SMS tracker apps for parents.

Why do Parents Need SMS Tracker Apps?

As I have earlier discussed in my intro that smartphones empower kids to play online games, use social media, dating apps, and conversations on social networking apps. So, they are more likely to interact with anyone online and on their cellular networks using SMS. Kids love to do chats, group chats, and other types of verbal communication using Emojis, icons, and voice messages. They are potentially at risk because they could trap by the sex-offenders, cyberbullies, stalkers, and child traffickers. So, the use of SMS tracking apps has become necessary for the safety of children.

NameSupported PlatformsFree TrialPrice
TheOneSpyAndroid, Windows, IOSNO$6.25
OgyMogyAndroid, Windows, IOSNo$32
FlexispyWindows, Android, and IOSNo$29.95
XnspyAndroid, IOSNo$4,99

Here are the tracking apps that monitor SMS on your kid’s phone to protect them from online dangers, and from explicit activities.

1)    TheOneSpy

TheOneSpy is one of the best SMS tracker apps for parents. The app can track SMS on another phone and take a few minutes to set it up on the target phone. Parents can use an SMS tracker on their kid’s phones to read their conversations on SMS without them knowing. It is easy to install, but you have to have physical access to the target device. It has several SMS tracking and monitoring features that you can use on the target device. TheOneSpy is a hidden SMS monitoring solution for cellphones that enable users to monitor and read text messages with powerful tools. Users can use plenty of features to track SMS on another phone.

TheOneSpy Features

SMS tracker app is one of the best features that allow you to read sent/received messages.

  • Live screen recorder that records SMS activity on target phone into short videos.
  • You can capture screenshots on the target phone screen to track SMS.
  • You can use keystrokes logging to capture and record SMS keystrokes in real-time.
  • IM’s chat monitoring empowers you to monitor SMS logs.
  • Hidden SMS tracker can track every sent and received text chat secretly
  • TheOneSpy remains an undetectable phone tracker to monitor SMS on the target device.
  • You can monitor SMS on the phone without rooting the target cell phone device.
TheOneSpy has hundreds of tracking tools for cellphones
Easy to install an SMS monitoring app
Cheap in price and result-oriented app
Works on rooted, and non-rooted
Impossible to install remotely
Require physical access for configuration

2)    OgyMogy

OgyMogy is android centric SMS tracker app that empowers users to monitor cellphones. It is the best application for parents to supervise kids online and offline. Users can read SMS on phones, chat rooms, and social networks. OgyMogy has several features that empower you to monitor SMS chat and messages.

OgyMogy features:

  • Record phone screen to read SMS
  • Capture screen to track text messages
  • Track SMS keystrokes in real-time
  • Text messages monitoring to track SMS logs
  • GPS tracker  to track live location of cellphone
  • Live camera streaming by taking over phone cameras
  • Camera bugging to record phone surroundings
  • Social media messenger tracker to read messages on IM
Support Android phones OS versions
Best and exclusive features to track SMS
Hidden SMS tracking app for cellphone
·         Remote installation is not possible

3)    Mspy 

Mspy is known as the best parental tracker app. Users can use it to monitor calls, SMS, social media, location, and plenty of other activities. It is complex to install and takes time to configure on the target phone. Mspy allows parents to read, monitor, and track SMS on the target phone without them knowing.

Mspy Features:

  • Track WhatsApp messenger to read SMS
  • SMS sent and received on cellular networks
  • Monitor every keystroke of SMS on a cellphone
  • Read all instant messengers chats active on the phone
  • Track GPS location of your target device
  • Monitor live phone calls on the target phone
  • Geo-Fencing to mark safe and dangerous places
  • Get Keywords alerts in kids chat conversations
Best social media chats tracking app
Compatible with Android, and iOS 
No remote installation
  A limited set of features

4)    Flexispy

Flexispy is a powerful SMS tracker app for cell phones running with Android and iOS devices. You can use Flexispy to monitor every activity on the target device. It is hundreds of well-built and developed features that provide you instant results. It has a user-friendly interface and provides the best features. You can get location tracking, Geo-Fencing, browsing activity, keylogger, and more. Flexispy is one of the few apps that can hide app icons on the target device and remains hidden on the target device. Users can install an application without facing hassles.

Flexispy Features:

  • Monitor SMS Messages on target device
  • Keylogger can capture SMS keystrokes
  • SMS remote commands to track logs
  • Remotely un-install SMS tracker
  • Remotely deactivate the software
  • GPS location tracking in real-time
  • Track Social networking chats
  • SMS keywords deletion
Pack with hundreds of phone tracking features
   Run in hidden mode
·         Automatic remote updates
Remote installation is not possible
Expensive SMS tracer for cellphones

5)    XNSPY  

XNSPY is the best SMS tracking app and ranks 5th in our top 5 SMS monitoring apps list. App has plenty of powerful features, and secretly monitors and tracks every activity on the phone with time-schedule.

XNSPY Features:

  • Social app screen recording to read chats
  • Record calls and cell phone surroundings
  • Track calls, location, and multimedia
  • Remotely monitor and track SMS sent/received
  • Monitor chat keystrokes on WhatsApp, Facebook & others
  • Track live calls, and contacts stored on a phone
  • Specific activity alerts 
  • IM screen recording to monitor chats, messages & media
Pack with best SMS tracking and monitoring features
App has recording, listening, tracking, and monitoring tools
Often promote fake features
Expensive compared to the features
No remote installation


Are you a worried parent? Do you want to track SMS chats on a kid’s phone? You can choose any of the mentioned apps to protect your kids from online predators and explicit activities. Read the information, and make your best choice to monitor and track SMS conversations on the target device.

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