You have to need to know Buying seat covers online in Australia

What all you need to know before buying seat covers online in Australia

If you have bought a new car or even if your car is old but you are looking forward to getting new seat covers online in Australia, the Canvas Seat Cover Company is where the search ends. This company is ruling the market of seat covers for 17 years and specializes in manufacturing and designing of seat protection. Its clients are some of the biggest automobile, transport, and marine companies. They have set an example by meeting the demands of their customers and producing high-quality products. They have a great reputation and the customers trust their products and services. Their facility in Queensland has 20 employees who handle the designing and manufacturing departments. They provide in-house technical support and 100% quality control. Their tuff canvas seat covers are great for the safety and protection of your car seats.

With time, the seat covers of your car start to age and can suffer from wear and tear due to dirt, spills, sun, or pets. Therefore, your car seats start looking worn out and dull. It is also not comfortable to sit on tacky seats. A perfect car seat cover will keep your car seat safe and neat. Canvas Seat covers online Australia also provides custom designing of your car seats which further enhances the interiors of the car and hides any damage. They are a perfect way of giving maximum protection to the car seats and making them look spotless on the inside.

Why are Seat Covers Important?

The car seats you get in your car from the manufacturer need to be protected. In case you spill something or they get dirty, it becomes a herculean task to clean them up. You may use various cleaning materials to take out those stains, but there is no guarantee if they can be cleaned properly. And if you have pets, you have to regularly use the vacuum to get their hair off. Moreover, who wants poking nails of pets inside the new leather car seats. Another reason why car seats get dull is the exposure to sun rays. They damage the car seats and make them look dull. So, to overcome all the above scenarios, it is essential to have a product that can provide protection to the seat covers from everything. The seat covers will keep your seats safe from dirt, sun rays, spills, etc. and maintain the resale value of the car.

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How to Choose the Right Seat Covers?

  • Materials Used for Seat Covers
  1. Velour Seat Covers – This fabric is made from cotton or polyester, which is similar to velvet. It gives the appearance of a plush knitted appearance, provides great comfort and extra-soft finishes. It is not water-resistant but is stylish and comfortable.
  2. Canvas Seat Covers –  This fabric is long-lasting and is hard-wearing. It is also a popular choice among customers because it suits people who have an active lifestyle. It can withstand mud splashes, water spills, and erratic weather changes. The seat covers of this fabric can handle any rough treatment but do not compromise on comfortability. Its seat covers are very comfortable and pleasant looking. This fabric can be stretched to cover the full seat perfectly. You will not have wrinkles on the seat when you use this material’s seat cover. This cover is the best option if you have kids, pets, or both.
  3. Neoprene Seat Covers – This fabric is similar to one that is used to make moisture-resistant, high-pressure scuba suits. This fabric gives the best protection from dirt, water, spills, debris, and the sun’s rays. It is the ideal choice for messy bike riders and off-roaders.
  4. Leather Look Seat Covers – This fabric is perfect for people who live in colder areas. It does not absorb liquids and spills, thus the seats are safe if something like this happens. The only issue is this fabric may get sticky on hot days.
  • Sizes
  1. Size A or Size 301 – Common in cars and utes.
  2. Size 90 – Ideal for front high backbench style seats.
  3. Size B or Size 401 – Good for ¾ bench and front bucket seats.
  4. Size 06/06H – It has three headrest covers.
  5. Size 30A or 30 Deploy Safe – Ideal for front seats with airbags.

So if you are looking for seat covers online Australia, then contact the Canvas Seat Covers Company and ask for their expert advice and service. They will guide you with the best and provide quality products

You have to need to know Buying seat covers online in Australia

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