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Call blocker Apps | How To Monitor Records & Restrict Incoming Calls? 

Do you want call blocker apps to record, monitor, and restrict incoming calls on another phone? Well! People are desperate to find out a tool that enables them to record, listen, and block incoming calls on any smartphone device no time ever before. They want to hear what the target phone user is talking about and how long the call duration was. Moreover, they want to block calls and restrict the target person from attending incoming calls.

Do people want to block & listen to calls?

Individuals have reasons to block, listen to, and record live incoming and outgoing calls on smartphones. Here are the following people that desperately look forward to monitoring, recording, and blocking phone calls no time ever before.

Parents want to record, block & listen to calls.

Parents have concerns over kids’ cellphone activities, and they are more likely to monitor and record cell phone calls. Further, they want to block incoming and unknown calls on kids’ mobile phones no time ever before. Online predators are everywhere these days, and they could make random calls to your kids to trap them after catching their contacts one way or the other. So, parents want to prevent kids from unknown calls, and they want to record Voice calls on cellphones to listen to the conversations.

Employers want to restrict & record calls.

Business professionals are always keen to record and listen to the calls on business phones to know how customer cares representatives deal with clients. Further, they want to block calls on business devices to prevent information leakage and time-wasting activities. Therefore, people want to know how to block, and record calls incoming and outgoing.

Is there an app to record & restrict incoming calls on the target phone?

Yes. There are plenty of call blocker apps floating on the web. However, you need to get your hands on the best call blocker apps that empower you to record incoming and outgoing calls in real-time. You can visit the web and find out the best in the business. Don’t get your hands on the free call blocking and call recording solutions. Free call blocker apps could steal your phone data and give you nothing but damage your target cellphone.  

Top 3 call blocker apps that can also record live phone calls

Here are the following apps best in the business and empower you to monitor and record to listen to the incoming and outgoing calls.


TheOneSpy is one of the best cell phone monitoring and call blocker apps. It has many services like parental control, employee monitoring, and call recording solutions. It is easy to install and provide a separate web portal to unleash call recording, call blocking, and dozens of other result-oriented features. TheOneSpy enables users to remotely block incoming calls on the target device to protect their kids from strangers and employees from time-wasting.  You can use the call recorder feature to record incoming and outgoing calls. Further, you can monitor calls on another phone secretly.


TheOneSpy is compatible with android running from OS version 4.4.2 to 12.0. It also supports iPhones but offers different features for parental control, and monitoring business phones.

TheOneSpy features other than call blocker & call recording

  • Browsing History
  • Screen time
  • Screen recording
  • Screenshots
  • VoIP call recording
  • Keystrokes logging
  • Password cracker


OgyMogy is the best call blocking app for android. You can also use it to track and monitor live phone calls on any cell phone device running up 2 with the Android OS version. Android monitoring app empowers you to block live incoming calls on the target device. Users can monitor call logs with the schedule. Call blocker software is the best tool for parents to block unknown calls on kids’ phones. It has multiple usages, like call recording, call monitoring, and I said call blocking. Application takes a few minutes to install, and within no time, you can record, listen, and block calls on business phones.


OgyMogy supports only android phones up to OS version 12.0. It has rooted, and non-rooted features to monitor, record, listen, and for blocking incoming calls.

OgyMogy Features other than call recording & blocking:

  • Track stolen phone
  • Social media spy
  • Key logs
  • Call logs
  • Monitor contacts
  • GPS location
  • Geo-fence


Norton is not just a call-blocking application. It offers its users a full security arsenal that includes; call blocking, parental control, school time, password manager, and many more. It is compatible with android, IOS, and with desktop PCs.

  • It can auto block spam and unknown calls
  • Provide multiple phone and PC security products


It does not support blocking calls on android above the 9.0 OS version.


 Do you want to record, listen, and block incoming calls on another phone? You can use any one of these applications on your target cellphone device. However, parents and employers can use TheOneSpy or OgyMogy to record, monitor, and block live incoming calls.

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