6 Lifestyle tips to keep your teeth and gums happy

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 208 total views Your lifestyle determines how your teeth and gums will be. Bad lifestyle gives you unhealthy teeth and gums. On the other hand, good lifestyle leads to healthy teeth and gums. Now it’s up to you. Do you want to have healthy teeth or do you want to have unhealthy teeth and gums? Unhealthy […]

Some Healthy Habits for seniors to Practice

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 136 total views Staying healthy is mandatory for an energetic and positive life not only in case of a normal growing person but the same applies to the older seniors as well. You might have come across the line “As you Eat, so shall you Become” and this is true as well. Study after study confirms […]

Tips For Better Lifestyle

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 142 total views Our lifestyle defines us. What we eat, how we live, our habits, our moral standards all contribute to our lifestyle and have the power to impact our lifestyle either positively or negatively. With the adoption of western lifestyle, studies have shown the statistics about our depleting health, whether you consider emotion or physical […]

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