Mobile Phones

What Are The Disadvantages Of Mobile?

In today’s world, the smartphone is like oxygen for us, human beings. While having the internet as a common commodity, we use smartphones day and night. Now we are bound to it; there are definite points that you can access information, enhance your skills by different mediums. However, there is a negative aspect too. For […]

How to Create Engaging Mobile PPC campaign

Every year the total number of mobiles sold is continuing to grow. Nowadays a lot of people look online on their mobile for something or the other. Much of the time, it is indeed a fact that we remain glued to smartphones. Therefore, to concentrate on generating PPC marketing tailored particularly for mobile phones is […]

Looking to Develop a PCI DSS Compliant Fintech Mobile App?

Businesses thrive on ideas that bring about convenience. We live in a world today that breaks out towards businesses being scalable and adaptable to change. Especially in the Fintech industry, there are numerous changes and risks that you have to be vary about at all times. When we talk about Fintech, it need not necessarily  […]

Are Waterproof Phones Really Waterproof?

Why a waterproof smartphone is the one for you! With daily tasks and individuals becoming entirely dependent upon smartphones it is becoming highly substantial that the smartphones we buy are least prone to breakage, damage and also prone to stop working due to accidents involving water. Moreover, with the telecommunications and technological industry becoming more […]

How to Boost User Engagement for Your Mobile Application?

When it comes to developing a highly engaging application, it takes much more than just having an interesting idea. You need proven strategies that will help you to drive better engagement for your application. However, developing mobile software is not something that can be achieved in a single step. The final outcome is something, which […]

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