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WhatsApp VS Telegram a battle between two Messaging apps features

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 166 total views Over the years the two mighty messaging apps have become arch-rivals. However, WhatsApp VS Telegram a battle between two messaging apps to keep the chat private oiled the wheels. Let’s discuss which social messaging app has done better from one and another. Without a shadow of a doubt might Facebook-owned app WhatsApp has […]

How is Snapchat Dangerous for teens & what Parents need to do| Snapchat spy app

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 154 total views The most common concern of parents is the safety of their kids in the digital world with the Snapchat spy app.  They want to keep their kids safe and secure from the upcoming dangers of electronic devices and protect them from online threats, harassment, online predators, sexting, and online dating. Kids are very […]

Get Viral Now! And Showcase Your Creativity with Juiice

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 382 total views It doesn’t matter who you are, as long as you have a smartphone by your side, you are just a couple of taps away from entertainment. Mobile apps like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok have taken over the world like a storm. But, it doesn’t mean new apps cannot do the same.  Juiice […]

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