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Best Cell Phone Spy Monitoring App

Are you looking for a mobile phone to secretly track the cell phone of someone else? There are numerous monitoring and spy applications developed for tracking the cell phones and computer devices. These apps are mainly intended for parents and employers to keep the cell phones of children and employees under surveillance. However, the beginners may find it challenging to pick up an effective and reliable spy app out of the bulk. We have reviewed the top cell phone spy monitoring apps to help you get the most appropriate spy software. Read on to know which mobile phone monitoring software best suits for the child and employee monitoring.

TheOneSpy Cell Phone Spy Monitoring App

When compared with the spy apps rightly available in the spy market, TheOneSpy cell phone tracking software is found to be the most effectual. It is a cross-platform app that supports mobile phone devices running Android and iOS. Whether you want to monitor a Samsung device or latest iPhone, you can use the spy software to track the activities performed on that device. The surveillance app enables the end-user to secretly monitor the target phone data and remotely control certain functions of the monitored device.

How does Cell Phone Spy Monitoring App Work?

Once you subscribe to the cell phone monitoring app, you can download and install the tracking software on the mobile phone of your target. The spy app accesses the target phone data and uploads to the online account from where the end user can monitor and download that data. It includes the messages, contacts, call logs, web history and photo gallery.

Features of Cell Phone Spy Monitoring App

The cell phone surveillance app comes preloaded with hundreds of features letting parents and employers track the Android and iPhone mobile devices of their children and the workforce.

Spy on Messages

The spy software lets you check out the messages received and sent from the target phone. It syncs the text messages, multimedia messages and instant messages stored on the monitored phone. Meanwhile, it shows the name and phone number of the message senders and receivers.

Spy on Calls

The Android spy software tracks the phone calls of the target device. It automatically records the phone calls made and received on the target phone. The recorded calls get uploaded to the online spy account from where you can listen and download these calls.

Spy on Social Media

The high-tech cell phone spy app tracks the social media apps including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, Line, Vine, Viber, IMO, WhatsApp, Tinder, Kik, Telegram, Hike, Zalo and Yahoo Messenger. The spy app lets you track social media statuses, posts, sharing and direct messages. The thread conversations, one-on-one and group chats can be tracked to keep tabs on the target’s social media messenger communication.

Track web History

The spy software tracks the internet browsing history of the target cell phone. It shows the website URL, time and frequency of visiting websites and searching information on Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox.

Track Emails

The emails sent and received via Gmail app can be tracked with the help of monitoring software. Meanwhile, the email address of the email sending and receiving parties can also be accessed.


The spy software records the keystrokes applied to the targeted phone keyboard. The keystrokes of username, password and email addresses can also be used to closely monitor the online accounts of your target.

Track GPS Location

The Android and iPhone monitoring app tracks the GPS location of the target and notifies about the entrance and departure of the target from specific locations.

Remotely Operate Camera

The tracking software lets you operate the camera of the target device. You can send a command from the online control panel of the spy software and make the target phone to capture photos and record videos using the primary and secondary cameras. The secretly captured photos and recorded videos get uploaded to the online account rather than the target phone storage memory.

Remotely Operate MIC

The microphone of the target Android phone can remotely be operated to listen and record the sounds and voices in the vicinity of the monitored phone.

Live Monitoring

The Spy 360 feature of the spy software lets you monitor target phone’s surroundings in real-time. With a single command, you can stream the cameras and turn on the microphone of target phone for live listening and monitoring of surroundings.

Track Phonebook

The Phonebook of the target device can remotely be monitored and managed with the help of spy software. You can add new contacts and delete unwanted contact numbers from the target phone.

That is not all. The spy software lets you lock and unlock the target device. Meanwhile, you can block and uninstall the applications installed on the phone without accessing the device. There are many other features that let you monitor and manage the cell phone device of your target without letting him know.

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