Adopting a Child in Georgia

Common Misunderstandings about Adopting a Child in Georgia

There are times when many misconceptions about a particular thing circulate the community and in your lives. This creates a feeling of unease and distrust for the particular concept. At many instances, these come out to be true but on other occasions, they are just false accusations.

In several cases these allegations can be the cause of confusion and people can easily be misled and the wrong concept is introduced. In the same way, there are many misunderstandings that surround Adopting a Child in Georgia.

Types of Adoptive Parents:

It is very important for you to know what type of adoptive parents are there. For the birth parents, it is vital to understand each type so that they or the court can decide to which kind you will give the child.

Foster Parents:

They are parents who run a house which is either their own or provided by the state. The children who have lost their parents or were abandoned are placed under their care. At several occasions when the child is not adopted the foster parents are given the option to adopt them.

Relatives of the Birth Parents:

When the birth parents of a child can’t be found then the custody goes to the blood relatives. It can be temporary but a choice is given to them to adopt the child as their own. The child is considered safe with relatives so the court prefers to give him/ her to them.

Temporary Foster Parents:

Unlike the normal foster parents; the temporary ones only keep the child in the house until the state can find a permanent home for them. They have no legal right to take in the child as their own.

Enthusiastic Parents:

These parents exhibit behavior that they are very excited to adopt a child. They are extremely stay happy to adopt a child; they don’t hide the adoption from everyone. They put various statuses on social media websites.  

Parents with Indifferent Attitude:

Then there are ones who feel that they have been given a liability. They not interested in the child so their attitude is not devotional or loving towards the child.

Rights of the Adoptive Parents:

For the adoption process to work; it is crucial that both the parents and child treat each other with respect, love & better lifestyle. The child who is treated with devotion and care must give back to the adoptive parent’s care and warmth which are explained by Tom Tebeau.

  1. The parents must be treated honor and integrity.
  2. Right to reject a placement if can’t support financially.
  3. Have support emotionally throughout the process of adoption.
  4. Asking questions and giving proper answers is their right.
  5. Knowledge of all the legal terms and conditions before signing.
  6. Right to know important information about the child and the birth parents.

Misunderstanding about Adopting a Child in Georgia:

There are a lot of things that are circulating about adoption that are all based on lies and misconceptions. These misunderstandings need to be straightened up because it is harming the real and honest image of adoption.

Single Parents can’t adopt:

A single parent can by law adopt a child. But a condition is applied to it that the person should be 10 years older than the child he/ she wants to adopt. This situation can also happen when any of the stepparents want to adopt the child of their spouse.

Old People are not eligible:

The upper limit of age is not determined so anyone above the age of 25 can take in a child as his/ her own. But it has to be noted that the couple or the person should not be too old to take care of the child.

Gay, Lesbians and Transgender are out of Limits:

These couples can apply for a joint petition for adoption. The law has not clearly prohibited the partner of same-sex marriage to adopt the child of the other partner or from another relationship.

Financially strong can adopt:

If you are not too strong financially even then you can adopt. The court just makes sure that the person has enough money to take care of the child in a better way. If you are the mother and have the custody of the child then it is up to the father also to provide financial support.

No Adoption on Criminal Record:

It is not necessary that you can’t adopt a child if you were convicted before. The state will conduct a thorough home study first and if you and your house will show signs of leaving the old ways then the state will grant you the right to adopt.

Already have Children:

The people who already have children are not qualified to adopt a child who is not their own. This is a misunderstanding that has to be getting rid of so that children can have good families to live in.  

No Adoption from Different Race:

Anyone who fulfills the requirements of Adopting a Child in Georgia can choose a child from any ethnicity and even from other countries.

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