Cyber Bullying

Cyberbullying and tweens: What to do when Your Child is a Bully


A person who uses his power and strength to influence others who are weaker, to do something is a Bully. None of the parents want their children to be bully. But it is true that sometimes you find your child to be a bully when your first time came to know about this fact it is very shocking to you. Parents should learn about cyberbullying and use parental control app to monitor teen’s activity and then they should take a serious step to tell their child that he is breaking the rule and this is not a good way for him.

For parents, it has a great significance to understand that being a bully does not mean that your child is bad or you are a bad parent. They should ask their child to stop using electronic communication to bully someone. Parents should not ignore it because it’s a crime in one way; try to explain to your child that this is bad.

Parents should discuss it with their children in a friendly way with controlling their emotion. Just give your all attention to explaining your child about the negativity of being a bully rather than focusing on your emotions or anger. It is necessary and essential to have a complete knowledge of your child’s thoughts, what is the reason which influences him to be a bully. When you came to know about the reason which makes your child a bully, it will be easy for you to explain your child about its harms.

What to Do When Your Tween Is a Cyberbully

After knowing about your child’s thoughts and reasons that led him to be a bully, you should inform him that these types of actions are not tolerable. Do not force them in anger to stop doing such bad actions; in fact, you should talk to them with love and patience to avoid doing it. Also, explain them the reasons that why being a bully is bad. Tell them that they have to face many negative results if they do not stop cyberbullying. Inform them that they will feel very shameful when they were reported to any law. The best way is that the parents should be familiar with their children activities; they should be keeping an eye on their child’s activities on smartphone or internet. But there is a problem which is generation gap; the parents do not know how to use technology so it is difficult for them to keep an eye on their child. In this situation they should show their interest in technology then their child will help them to learn how to use it.

Parents should try to be good digital parents. Then you should help your child to understand that cyberbullying is not good for them and this type of behavior is too much annoying. Such people cannot have respect for society. Let your child know that you are tracking their each and every activity and you will feel really bad if you find them doing something wrong.



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