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Top 10 Epic Endless Runner Game Apps

Epic endless runner games have become quite popular in the last few years. Rightly so because kids and young people now know the taste of technology and what all rewards it brings with itself. One another reason for its popularity can be recognized in the fact that these amazing runner games offer a forever running adventure. These games make you run endlessly until you collect all the rewards or coins on your way and reach the ultimate destination. 

In this piece, we have talked about the top 10 epic endless runner game apps. It has a combination of gaming apps for both iOS and Android. The best online platform games are as follows: 

Let’s discuss Epic Endless Runner Game Apps!

Temple Run 

Let us admit that Temple Run was one of those top runner games that came to our minds after reading the topic. We probably cannot miss this game when talking about amazing runner games. It is one of those popular games that allows you to enjoy endless running. The game is about stealing an ancient artifact and running away from the evil demon monkeys while trying to save yourself from various obstacles on your way.

The best and gripping features of this game are that you can collect coins, gems, power-ups in your journey. The longer you can run, the faster your game will proceed. 

Download from Play store: Temple Run

Subway surfers

If you have a fondness for endless running games combined with exciting and fun-filled graphics, you will surely love this one. The game comprises a young player who is caught spraying paint on the train and the police officer and his dog tries to catch him on the railway tracks where trains keep moving here and there. To save your avatar, you need to run on top of the trains and go past the tracks. Additionally, you can also get through the air with a jetpack or with other flying boots. Subway Surfers is one of the most epic adventurous running games

Download from Play store: Subway surfers

Road Rockers

Are you always on the go for finding epic adventure games? Well, you can terminate your search here at Road Rockers. It is a notorious group of freestyle runners that is full of amazing visuals. The game is set in the streets of New Arabia that makes it stand out from its counterparts. The appealing visuals, power-ups, rewards, and fascinating concept makes this game the best online platform game. 

Download from Play store: Road Rockers

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Alto’s Odyssey and Adventures

Do you love games that are set in the deserts? If yes, then you are going to stick to this game. It is a 2D side-scrolling game that makes you run endlessly. You can get to explore skiing, great heights, collect items, overcome obstacles, and much more. The latest version of Alto’s Odyssey and Adventures is jam-packed with interesting features like zen mode, unlockable adventurous characters, etc. The game starts with Alto and his friends who begin endless sand boarding to discover secrets.  

Download from Play store: Alto’s Odyssey

Sonic Dash  2: Sonic Boom

This game is an amazing amalgamation of 3D graphics and endless running adventure. It has the character of a popular Cartoon series named Sonic Boom. The game has a very simple concept. You have to run as much and as far as you can. On your way, you need to collect the gold rings while saving yourself from obstacles and your enemies. The game consists of different interesting features namely, team play mode, fast-paced tracks, good graphics. 

Download from Play store: Sonic Dash  2

Run Like Hell

Just as the name is suggesting, you need to run, run, and just keep running in this game. The game may seem a bit difficult for you initially. However, you will love playing it. The game will demand you to climb, jump, run, string across, and even crawl to win it. You need to avoid the clutches of the native hungry tribals that keep coming towards you. 

The game has three modes namely endless, story and time-trials. The game is brilliantly set in ancient ruins, night jungles, and beaches, villages, and caverns. 

Download from Play store: Run Like Hell


This is a reworked version of the 1982 model, Pitfall. It starts with the adventure of Harry in a volcanic jungle full of unexpected twists and turns. You will have to cross the narrow paths, dark caverns, cascading waterfalls while dodging the rattlesnakes, scorpions, and crocodiles. The game has some obstacles in the form of checkpoints that can be spotted by the presence of a giant Macaw and a gold bell. If you wish, you can activate these points by spending the diamonds that you collect while running in the game. 

Download from Play store: Pitfall 

Into the dead 2 

Some of you may be fond of reading and knowing about zombies. If you are into this, you ought to try this game. In this game, you will have to run through the zombie land and save yourself. It is full of amazing visuals and graphics, has a huge variety of weapons and upgrades, and it allows you to experience the best kind of thrill. You will have to start your journey by running in the zombie land while trying to save your family. You can get hands-on with powerful weapons and struggle for your survival. 

Download from Play store: Into the dead 2 

Jetpack Joyride 

This is a 2D game with bullets powered jetpacks. In this game, you need to fly and save yourself while overcoming obstacles. While doing this, you can collect coins and boost your power. The game features a variety of jetpacks & outfits, cool missions, Dodge laser, zapper and missiles, simple one-touch control, high tech gadgets, and a lot more. 

Download from Play store: Jetpack Joyride 

Agent Dash 

Being the Agent Dash in the game, you need to run as fast as you can while crossing dangerous places filled with enemies. The game’s soundtrack will give you the feeling of a spy movie. Likewise are the sounds of footsteps. You will be standing in a place surrounded by jungles before you begin to run. You can take a sidestep, leap, and slide under the obstacles coming your way. You will have to collect diamonds that can later be used to buy new gadgets and unlock new agents. 

Download from Play store: Agent Dash 

So, that was soup to nuts about the best adventure games. Do not miss out on trying most of them. 

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