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The Risk of Facebook Depression in Teens and Tween


To provide the Internet and other related technologies are this digital world is a common thing. While providing these types of facilities, the parents have to think a lot about the advantages and disadvantages of these technologies. Communication with the kids and teens in the active and friendly way can create a great role in the future life of the children and build a good relationship between kids and parents.

Relatives Because of positive communication link teens would be able to share their good and bad experience with the parents and relatives can help and guide them in a better way as per their experience. If the relation between parents and kids is not okay and they feel scared or shy while sharing anything they can suffer a lot of online problems. So whatever issues or problems are there all will start from home and can be solved only in the home.

There are a lot of side effects of providing the internet to the children. Children should be protected from those side effects as well. Sadly, some of the things that children may need to be protected from are self-inflicted.

Facebook Depression:

Facebook depression is growing up day by day. It’s a phenomenon that is springing up as a result of Facebook and other social networks, but Facebook is the most famous and popular social network. Facebook is used for messages calls and video calls. It also has opened a back channel that attracts teens to make videos online and send it to the friends. Social networks create harassment and depressions. So, Parents can spy on Facebook messages and calls by using monitoring software.

Why Facebook Depression Exists:

Parents may be confused that how Facebook can create the depression in the teens. Everyone has experienced the disturbance that occurs when someone is continuously busy on their cell phones. Social media has made teens anti-social. Parents think that Facebook depression can easily be solved by discussions and communications, but it is not as easy as they are thinking. However, it defeats the networks in the first place.

Social networks are created to share daily life routine and learning more and more people of your surroundings. In social media, it is difficult to ignore the shared posts, statuses and also someone who is harassing your teen. The other harassment can also be that the other person seems to have much more luxury and full of fun life.

What Can Be Done?

There are things that parents can do to mitigate the chances of their child developing Facebook depression.

  1. To avoid the depression of Facebook is to set the time limit for your teen. Allow a limited time to spend on the internet. It is not a simple thing, mostly teens or kids would love to spend more and more time on the internet either playing game, checking facebook or texting.
  2. Communicate and explain to your child that whatever you are looking for Facebook or other social media sites are just a fantasy and imaginary. Don’t waste your time mind in thinking those things. Take all those things positively. What is seen on Facebook should not always be trusted as being the reality? Parents can monitor the social media of their child my using the spy application.
  3. Explain your teens and tween that their self-esteem is most important than anything else. Their self-esteem should never be tied to the number of “likes” or comments they’ve received a photo or post.


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