Flexispy Review

Nowadays, we are turning on mobile phones and other digital gadgets. We all spend time on cell phones, including children. Therefore, parents look upon spy software for secret monitoring of their kids. A lot of monitoring and tracking software is available in the market. Still, you need to know one of the best and most reliable app, so you don’t have to worry about your kids monitoring because we have the best solution. Let us discuss one of the best parental control apps, Flexispy that performs excellent services for their concerned parents.

This is a comprehensive review of the Flexispy app that tells you all about this app will help you purchase the authentic parental control app. 

What is the Flexispy app?

Flexispy is a professional spy tool because of its powerful monitoring features. This app is known as the best parental control software. It secretly monitors the online and offline activities of the targeted person. It has user-friendly features for users that help you safeguard your children from online dangers. It protects kids from any harmful effects of the digital world. This app allows you to secretly view your kids’ activities by keeping a secret eye on them.

Why Flexispy is best app ever?

Flexispy has come with the best monitoring features that can secretly find the online performances of your loved one. It can spy all incoming, outgoing calls secretly read text messages, track live location, monitor browsing details, screenshots, and screen recording; also possible with this app.; it has a dynamic feature list that enables you to keep an eye 24/7 your children. With Flexispy, it is not difficult to spy on your child’s activities and find whereabouts.

Flexispy Review: User-friendly features 

Flexispy has a wide range of monitoring features that enable you to track the device and secretly know all its actions.


  • Monitor social messenger apps

    Flexispy is not limited; it is the most powerful app that helps you to spy the targeted social media apps on your targeted phone. You can keep an eye on instant messenger apps, including WhatsApp, Skype, Snapchat, etc. It allows you to track the cell phone and secretly find all their social media activities.

  • Record ambient sounds

    With this monitoring software, you can access the device Mic and record their surroundings. It enables you to listen to backgrounds and find what happened around them.

  • Take Screenshots

    While taking the screenshots, you can know what activity is performed on your targeted device. It allows you to secretly capture screenshots of performed activities done by your loved one.

  • Spy on keystrokes

    With Flexispy, let's monitor keystrokes on the executed device. It can track on type messages password and find every typed key on the targeted device.

  • Monitor cell phone calls

    You can secretly monitor all incoming, outgoing calls of the targeted device. The user comes to know the caller's name with conversation duration.

  • Access on camera photos & videos

    Flexispy allows you to access the phone camera and know activities. It makes sure you about camera activities including photos, videos and many more. You can spy on the front and back camera of the targeted device and save the recording files on the dashboard.

  • Read text conversation

    This app allows you to read all send or receive messages of the targeted person. You can secretly know your kids are chatting and having conversations with their friends.

  • View install apps

    One of the best features of Flexispy enables you to view all apps installed on the targeted device. It also empowers you to view their activities without knowing the targeted person.

  • Find their Location

    You can record your kids' live location and come to know where they move in real-time. With this feature, you can catch your kids lying when they move with their friends in school time. So, it can alert you by a notification about your children.

  • Block apps

    Flexispy offers you the next-level control on your targeted device. You can view all apps of your targeted phone or block any inappropriate app. It will overcome your worries regarding your kids and their unethical behaviors.


If you chose a great app, but it didn’t work on your targeted device; that’s useless for you. Therefore, it is essential to know the app compatibility of spying software with your targeted device before purchasing. So, Flexispy is supporting android or iPhones with their latest versions. It also works for windows and mac devices.

Price plan of Flexispy

Flexispy offers different price packages for you according to your device and feature. It helps you to choose by your demand. It gives three price plans for android, mac, windows, or iOs devices that you have to select. Flexispy offers you lite, premium, or extreme.


Lite per month $ 29.95


Premium per month $ 68 for three months $99 & for 12 months $149


Extreme for three months $199 & 12 months $ 349


Pre-installation delivers to your door. 

Flexispy offers you to get a phone with an already installed app for the online protection of your loved one. It allows getting a cell phone at great prices without the worry of installation. It can deliver phones at your door with an affordable price package even customize the packages.

How to install the Flexispy app


If you are savvy, it’s not difficult for you to install the app into your targeted device.


Get knowledge and purchase the app, then receive an ID or password to log in to the web control panel after installing the app into your targeted device, connect to the dashboard, and start monitoring.

Frequently ask any Question & we will respond shortly 

Flexispy is a virtually undetectable monitoring app. It works without knowing the targeted person due to its hidden icon.

You have to follow the installation process and get physical access to your targeted phone for installing the app.

Flexispy works on the latest version of android phones for secret monitoring. It can serve their monitoring features for android devices and ensure parents regarding their kids.

Yes, Flexispy monitoring software is helpful for all concerned parents. With its unique and dynamic features, Flexispy gives peace of mind about online dangers.


flexispy review, it is a great app that helps you keep an eye on kids and their online performances. It allows you to stay away from your kids from any dangerous side of the digital world by secret monitoring with an excellent app.