Some Healthy Habits for seniors to Practice


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Staying healthy is mandatory for an energetic and positive life not only in case of a normal growing person but the same applies to the older seniors as well. You might have come across the line “As you Eat, so shall you Become” and this is true as well. Study after study confirms that eating well and being active has a dramatic role in the quality of life for older adults.

It is never too late to enjoy the benefits of improved nutrition and fitness. All the habits of nutrient-rich foods and activities show you the immediate difference in the energy level and enjoyment of life. The older we grow, the choice of food and activity becomes even more important for our health.

There are surely other habits required and mandatory for the aging people like Physicals, Medications, and Dental Check-ups, etc. has its own role significantly in the better aging lifestyle but among all, healthy intake is the major key for better senior practice.

Focus on Nutrient Density

As the age grows, they need fewer total calories. But higher amounts of some nutrients such as calcium and vitamin D is required in adequate amount for this age. While in term of nutrition, you should be more focused on Quality than quantity.

There on the other hand retired people coming under limited income might face problem to meet a complete nutritional requirement. In My AARP Medicare you can get many offers and services related to seniors and elder people who are in need of insurance and other medical services. A poor diet may also result in several problems which also include serious nutrient gaps and resulting in the loss of lean body mass. And hence consulting a doctor for a good health gain is a smart step. The right balance of food and activities becomes rather more important for health.

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Enjoy the Power of Protein

Protein is an essential element for the strong and healthy body irrespective of all age group. Special with the older citizen since they lack proper protein intake to maintain the muscle mass. Hence there are few tasty tips for the protein recovery which you can practice in your regular meal and these are neither going to upset your food budget nor your energy balance at all.

More Beans Intake: Taking the Beans can be in various forms such as Salads, Soups, Casseroles or rice dishes. Beans have a sufficient amount of protein consisted of it.

Your Cracker: You can use peanut butter which is spread on whole grain cracker and eat them as snacks or alongside the soup, chili or salad.

Pumping up your Egg: you can consume it as mix-grated, low-fat cheese with the scrambled egg.

Water Replace by Milk: make soup or oatmeal with fat-free or low-fat milk rather than water.

Dry Milk Powder Use: mix spoonful of dry milk with fluid milk, mashed potato or Cream soup.

As said before, while a healthy nutrient meal is a key factor for older health and their happy life balancing, there are other factors also that plays a significant role in the health of senior citizens and they are Healthy activity and healthy habits. It is sure that people with a healthy habit in their younger are more tend for healthy longing as they age. But again we can’t say about well being especially for people who are more prone to illness.

Things you can consider for healthy keeping for your Parents and senior loved ones:

Preventive Steps:

Preventive care includes Health screening for cholesterol level, heart problems, colon cancer and more and hence better qualify for Medicare coverage. Vaccination also is a good step for influenza and pneumonia.

Information on Medication Management

While undergoing medication for anything, track the symptoms like allergy reactions, drowsiness, appetite loss or others.

Tracking Insomnia

Insomnia (not able to get slip at night) are common among seniors. Take care of small things like turning off lights, making the bedroom comfortable for them, cool and quiet, etc. are important.

Mental Health Balance

Seniors with age must be taken care of their mental being by keeping them engage with the real world around them with activities like crossword puzzles, read and write, new hobbies to stimulate their minds, etc.

Focus on Nutrient Density

Wear glasses for seniors should be checked every year and only prescribed glasses should be used. Right pair of glasses further reduce the chance of falling.


Meeting with children, grandchildren, friends, family and spending time with them is the best medicine for seniors at this age.

Physical Active

A long walk, short strolls, games, etc. helps senior citizen physical mobility and keeps them healthy for longer.

Visit Dentist Every Six Months

Mouth infection may lead to serious health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke and hence visiting dentist on regular basis helps they outstand it.

These are even though simple and effective habits for a longer healthy individual especially seniors but very few really consider these doing and this further increased the bunch of problems unnecessarily. So, just take care of these and if you have any suggestions for seniors let us know too.

Some Healthy Habits for seniors to Practice

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