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How can parents do surround listening with the help of a spy app?

Every parent needs kids’ mobile live surround listening. Parents want to have sneaky ears to listen to the surroundings of their kids and teens no time ever before. Do you know? They have to be extra careful about their children, and generation z is fond of freedom. They don’t let anyone interfere in their lives in their tween and teenage. Therefore, have more likely to exchange heated arguments with their parents. So, parenting has become hard since young kids have gotten cellphone devices and internet connections. However, spy apps have come up with solutions that enable parents to listen to the surroundings of their children controlling their phones connected to the internet.

Why do parents want to record their surround listening?

Technology has come up with cellphones, the internet, and social messaging apps. Young kids are obsessed with phones and cyberspace. Therefore, predators in your neighborhoods Parents want to safeguard kids from inappropriate activities and strange danger. Young kids these days are more likely to get abused by predators, like sex offenders, child abusers, bullies, and many more. Here are the following issues that force parents to monitor and listen to kid’s surroundings:

  • Blind dating
  • Child abduction
  • Bullying
  • Sexual predators
  • Child abuse
  • Drug abuse

Is it possible to listen to a kid’s surroundings?

Yes. Parents can listen to their surroundings unless they have installed the best spy app on their kid’s phone. Cell phone monitoring software can take over phone microphones to record the surroundings, like surround voice chats, sounds, and many more. Spy app can record back-to-back conversations happening in the surroundings of your target phone and save the data to the dashboard. It is helpful for parents to take care of the teens and young kids from bullies and sex offenders. You can listen to the secret discussions of the children when they are with their peers in hidden whereabouts.

What is a spy app that makes you listen to your surroundings?

Spy apps are developed and designed to spy on cellphones and let you monitor every activity on the target device and in your surroundings. Spying apps can monitor cellphones with powerful features, like call recording, text messages spy, browsing history monitoring, GPS location, and monitoring of IM. Moreover, users can also track emails, passwords, bookmarks, and filter websites. Phone spy apps allow users to hack the target device’s microphone and cameras on the target phone to spy on their surroundings.   

The best spy apps to record & listen to the cell phone surroundings?

Are you trying to listen to the kid’s surroundings? Good for you! You need to get your hands on the best spy apps that empower you to record and listen to the phone’s surroundings. Here are the following best-hidden spy apps for the cellphone that allows users to monitor and track phones secretly listen to their surroundings.


TheOneSpy is the best spy software in the web market that offers hundreds of features to spy on cellphone surroundings. It is easy to install an application and access the target device microphone and cameras to listen and watch surroundings. It is helpful for parents to protect their kids from stranger danger. Users can listen to the phone’s surroundings in real-time using the live surround listening feature. Users can also watch and listen to kids’ surroundings using live camera streaming via its online dashboard.

TheOneSpy also offers the following features other than listening to the surroundings:

  • Keystrokes logging
  • Screenshots
  • Browsing history
  • GPS tracking
  • Web filtering
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Lock unlock device
  • VoIP Call Recording
  • Password chaser
  • Screen recording


OgyMogy is the second most powerful android monitoring software for cell phones. It offers its services to parents and has the best solutions to set parental control on kids’ phone surround listening. Users can record and listen to the conversation, sounds, and chats with the OgyMogy feature known as the MIC bug. It also allows users to record surroundings visuals back to back save data to its online dashboard.

 Here are some following features that you can use on the target device for the safety of your kids online and in real life:

  • Surround recorder
  • MIC bug
  • Camera Bug
  • IM’s chat spy
  • Internet history
  • Social media spy
  • Screen recorder
  • On-demand screenshots


XNSPY is the third most influential phone spy app that offers ambient recording. XNSPY has an ambient spy voice recorder that allows parents to listen to the hidden chats, voice chats, and sounds at kids’ hidden whereabouts. Parents can take care of kids at the time and place of their choosing with its best ambient spy voice recorder solution.

 XNSPY also offers several other features that are as follows:

  • IM’s screen recording
  • Monitor browsing history
  • Monitor bookmarks
  • Record & listen phone surroundings
  • Listen to phone calls
  • View calendar entries
  • Live screenshots
  • App blocking
  • Lock target phone
  • View installed app list
  • Key logger


IKeymonitor is one of the best spying apps for cellphones. You can install it on your cell phone devices and spy on every activity. Users can listen to phone surroundings when they realize their kids involved in inappropriate and potentially risky activities online and in real life. Parents can listen to and record the voice around the phone remotely after you install it on the target device. You can secretly record surround listening and real-time recording. 

Here are some other features to spy on cell phones with iKeymonitor spy software:

  • Call history logs
  • Call recording
  • Phone surroundings
  • SMS messages spy
  • Messengers spy
  • Voice messages
  • GPS tracking
  • Installed apps monitoring
  • Multiple Users & admins

We have discussed the top 4 surround listening spy apps that are best in the business. You can use any one of them and choose according to their rankings.

  • They are easy to configure, cheap in price, but effective in working. 
  • Every app we have mentioned has results-oriented phone spy features


Are you a struggling parent who wants to listen to phone surroundings? You can choose an application that allows you to listen to phone surroundings and watch what is happening in real-time. Users can secretly listen to the kid’s hidden chats, voice chats, and sounds and see the risky activity.

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