How to Become a Scrum Master?

Every company has specific goals and certain values to achieve. But there are situations where everything falls apart and is not under our control. But when we have a scrum team, they keep everything under control. AS we all know, Scrum is a framework that helps the teams to work together and achieve the goal they have to achieve. They help to emphasize teamwork and help the teams to reach the goal. They also allow increasing the teams’ accountability, which is essential in the smooth functioning of the company. Scrum Master is the person who manages and guides the Scrum Teams. He/she is responsible for the promotion and functioning of the scrum team. He/she has to make everyone understand the basic concept of scrum and also the Scrum theories, practices, values, etc.

Who is a scrum master?

Scrum is a framework that allows the company to work on complex projects and deliver very high-value projects within the specified time. The Scrum master is the link between the owners or stakeholders and the scrum team. He/she will only give the necessary information from the owners, ensuring that there is no confusion created. The concept of scrum is a straightforward and easy way to manage the projects of a company. The Scrum master is only responsible for maintaining the process and nothing else. The scrum master is a Leader-servant. They are a part of decision making. They offer their services to others by promoting a sense of community between the team members.

The Scrum Master must guide the people to do the right things and must also show them how to do things better. The master acts as a coach to the scrum team. He guides them to do things efficiently and helps in removing the obstacles face by them during the competition of the project. An obstacle can be anything that slows down the functioning and completion of the project. We must avoid these obstacles at all costs. The scrum master helps to find a better solution for each obstacle faced by them.

How to be a scrum master?

You must do certain things to become a Scrum master.

One must complete all these steps to become a scrum master:

Number one:

 Learn the Scrum Basics: You must memorize and understand the various Scrum concepts, methodology, values, and concepts.

 You can learn a lot about Scrum Basics from

  • Trustworthy books like Scrum: The art of doing twice the work in Half The Time by Jeff Sutherland
  • Trustworthy YouTube videos based on Scrum: There are many videos on YouTube like scrum basic video series, scrum meeting tutorials, etc., which is very useful for a beginner scrum.
  • Relevant articles and guides related to scrum

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Number Two: 

Choosing the perfect Scrum Certification: Obtaining a widely recognized certification is always recommended. By this, you can become a professional Scrum Master. It also ensures that you will know about the basics such as Agile, Scrum, and the basic requirements. You must make sure which certification will be better for you according to your abilities and interests.

Number three: 

Joining a Scrum course: After you select your type of certification now, you must enroll your name in an Officially recognized Scrum course. It is a short course of 16 hours. You will have a licensed Teacher who is a well experienced Scrum Master.

Number Four: 

Register for an exam: When you complete the course and pay the required amount, you are now ready to face the exam. Your knowledge and logic must prove that you would be an efficient and good Scrum master.

Number Five: 

Preparation for the exam: After you complete the course, you need to go again and again through your notes and make sure you understand and memorize every point. Go through additional external articles and guides to increase your knowledge.

Number Six: 

Passing the exam: It is necessary to pass the exam to be a Scrum Master. You will get to know the results after a few minutes of the exam. You will get your Scrum Master Certification by email.

Number Seven: 

Updating Your Certification: You must renew your certificate every two years. To remain a recognized Scrum Master, you need to renew your certification. It may require a fee.

How to become a certified scrum master?

After completing the two-day course, the students will have around 30 to 90 days to take the Scrum Master accredited Certificate Program. They will conduct the exam with multi-choice questions, which takes about one hour to complete. You must score at least 60% to pass the exam. After you pass the exam, the certificate you have in your email, which you get instantly, is what makes you a professional certified Scrum Master.

Is scrum training and certification necessary?

Scrum training and courses are very important to a Scrum master because This course is what turns a person into the scrum master he is today. Scrum training gives the team members the required tool needed for speeding up the completion of the project. This training helps them to discover the essential roles they have. When we have the Scrum Master Certification, it serves as proof of their competence and increases their chances of getting employed. It also helps the employers to increase their efficiency and commitment towards the project.

Role of a Scrum Master

There are certain roles and duties that a Scrum Master should perform. These roles and duties should be the scrum master’s priority, and the Scrum Master is responsible for these if something happens. The roles and duties are:

  • Serving as the connection between the development team and the customers: The Scrum Master acts as the link between the team and the customers and only gives the necessary information to the required party.
  • Arranging Meeting: To provide a really good clarity in the work they are doing, the Scrum Master may conduct a lot of meetings, and a lot of conversations may occur. It only gives out a good result that is the better way to finish the project, complete the project sooner, etc.
  • Organizes better workflow: The Scrum Master must ensure great workflow in the project, and, he/she should reduce the confusion, if any.
  • Must track the quality of the project: The Scrum Master must ensure that the project quality must be above the standard level.
  • Must maintain permanent work reports and Must ensure that he/she’s informed
  • Must maintain a constant unbiased connection with all the team members and organize other events too.

Does the role of a Scrum master need to be a 100% dedicated one?

When a person becomes a Scrum Master, he/she fully dedicate to what he does. He/she might be under the huge pressure and stress and other problems that can occur. But if he/she must finish everything perfectly, he/she must be 100% dedicated to what he/she does. Being a Scrum Master might not consume his/her whole time, but when he/she does, he/she should be well prepared. If he/she engages in some other activity during the free time, it can be quite stressful for him/her as the pressure of the deadline from both if the activity might be too much. And when he/she is too pressurized, he/she might not give the same importance when he/she was just The Scrum Master. It might be very harsh on the team members as the team members want a leader whom they can approach for any confusion.

And this might be an extra cost to the company when the team is falling apart and is doing things which are not the way it should be. So there might be a delay in the completion of the project and a lot of other confusion too. So, to avoid all these, it is better if he is 100% dedicated to be a Scrum Master and not going for any other activity.

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