Create Engaging Mobile PPC campaign

How to Create Engaging Mobile PPC campaign

Every year the total number of mobiles sold is continuing to grow. Nowadays a lot of people look online on their mobile for something or the other. Much of the time, it is indeed a fact that we remain glued to smartphones. Therefore, to concentrate on generating PPC marketing tailored particularly for mobile phones is only sensible for marketers. Only if you can create engaging and eye-catching content can you get profit from mobile-specific PPC ads. The article below will help you figure out how you must create engaging mobile PPC campaign.

1) The Mobile PPC Keywords

Keywords on mobile can be tricky between thumb-typing and voice scanning. Here are just a few things to remember:

  • Broad match keywords do well in mobile PPC campaign because mobile users frequently mistype their search queries. If using the phrase and exact match, be sure to allow similar variants too.
  • The average length of the search query on mobile devices and desktops is similar, so don’t restrict yourself to shorter keywords.
  • Using action-oriented keywords-mobile users want to make a quick decision.

2) The Ad Extensions

When building a mobile PPC campaign, take advantage of ad extensions. The call and location extensions specifically take advantage of smartphone apps by allowing users to click-through-rate and quickly get directions.

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3) Make use of the Message Extensions

Text extensions are used by a small-to-medium-sized enterprise and respond to text messages from potential clients. But it is under-utilized, even if it is a possible one.

Below is a setup screen and when the searcher reacts to the “Text us for more information,” the message provided by the marketer is automatically sent by text message or email to the ad respondent.

The marketer can even specify the message so that the receiver can use it as their return messages automatically.

4) Make it easier for the shopper

Unlike theory, mobile shopping shouldn’t have small screen size and is becoming increasingly common. You can also boost shopper comfort by using a sign-in mechanism that allows the customer to start the transaction on the mobile devices and finish it on a desktop computer.

This system allows the shopper to put items on a handheld app in their shopping cart and see their cart filled with the goods once on a desktop computer they get into their account.

5) The Mobile Text Ads

In general, mobile users are looking for immediate action (as opposed to the conducting research). Some best practices to use when writing text ads are as follows:

For smartphone searchers, customize your deals by convincing users to call or select from their phones. Make sure to speak to mobile users about your offers and calls to action. Use such phrases as “From Your Phone” and “Call Now,” for example.

Check your phone numbers – If you are already using call or location extensions, you do not need to include the phone number in ad text; it will appear automatically.

6) The Mobile Landing Pages

You want searchers to be directed to mobile-optimized landing pages, or Google might penalize your Quality Score. Follow these guidelines to ensure your website has good experience for mobile searchers.

  • Landing pages should be lightweight and should be easy to load. It is a general and a best practice, but the mobile users are particularly impatient and may have slower connections to the Internet.
  • Be very straightforward and concise; don’t use a lot of text, because on mobile devices this can be hard to read.
  • Using big text and large buttons which a thumb can easily click onto.
  • If you’re set for receiving the phone calls that includes a phone number on the page.
  • If you are a local business, provide your address to make it easy for people to get directions.
  • Make use of as less fields as possible in the form.
  • Bidding on the Mobile PPC

The results page of a condensed search engine (only two ads at the top and three ads at the bottom) makes it imperative to achieve a high position. Review your place carefully to ensure people see your ad. You may need to increase your bid but bear in mind that cost per mobile click is generally lower than regular desktop searching. (Click-through rates are higher, as a bonus!)

8) Select the keywords for the Google Adwords mobile PPC Campaign

The keywords that you choose to use in any PPC are critical to your success. Keywords are how you learn how to view your mobile-specific PPC ad on Google Adwords (and other PPC advertisement platforms). The keywords that you select will determine which mobile consumer searches your mobile PPC ad(s) will appear on.

Smartphone users who search their mobile phones for products or services generally plan to make their purchase(s) within the same hour. As a result, standing out from your rivals during mobile searches by customers is now more critical than ever before. Using keywords such that users identify their smartphone PPC advertisements before they even see the names of their rivals.

9) Make use of responsive design for your website

For any mobile PPC campaign, a website with responsive design is important. In reality, a website with responsive design is important whether or not you are using a mobile PPC campaign–websites that are not mobile-friendly under the rule of the smartphone will only damage the relationship between your company and your smartphone-wielding customers, and most people are smartphone-wielders these days.

When a smartphone’s whole point is to have the world at your fingertips, nobody wants to deal with having to excessively zoom in to read and click around a website formatted only for a computer screen. UX is something short of smooth, simple, and satisfying usually chase consumers away to the point of no return. Responsive design is essential, especially if you are starting a mobile PPC campaign. Do not target mobile-users with a website that is not responsive.

Final Thoughts 

The mobile device may play a crucial role in enhancing your company. But, at this point, you must know what those factors are that can help you.

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