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How to Spy on Facebook with TheOneSpy

The social media has successfully gained terrific popularity over a few years particularly among teenagers. The teens and tweens between the age of 12 and 17 spend most of their waking hours using social networking apps. The social media giant Facebook makes teens spend more than nine hours a day using the networking platform.

The platforms such as Facebook get the user introduced with the people across the globe without any discrimination of gender, religion, race, country or region. It enables the user to communicate with the masses in cost-less and most efficient way. However, there are certain risks attached with the use of social media. It does not provide security. The more you use social media, the more you are likely to experience its potential dangers.

The most common social media risks include cyber bullying, online child predation, scamming and cat-fishing. This article discusses how you can protect your loved ones from the online dangers with  Facebook spy app.

Facebook and its Menaces

Facebook is the biggest social media platform which allows users to post and share photos, videos, text, audio or links with the people across the world. The Facebook messenger lets you communicate via instant messages, visual and voice messages. It also lets you make audio and video calls.

The vast variety of features makes this social media app most compelling for teens. Various researches have confirmed teens’ excessive use of Facebook app which prolongs up to nine hours a day. The more they remain online on Facebook, the more they are likely to become victim of cyber bullying and molestation.

The bullies make embarrassing posts, send threatening messages and make humiliating comments on your posts to frequently tease and harass the victim. The online child predators use the platform to gather information about the target such as habits, personal information, liking, disliking and contact information etc. They use this information to trap the target and then exploit them for sexual or monetary gain.

Facebook Monitoring Software

Monitoring is the only and most convenient way to protect your teens from the threats prevailing in the social media world. Parents are needed to supervise the social media activities of their children to ensure their security and safety on Facebook and other platforms. There are certain monitoring applications that enable parents to monitor every single activity performed on the social media accounts of children. Once you install the software on the mobile phone of your kid, you can witness their every single Facebook activity remaining anywhere in the world.

TheOneSpy Facebook monitoring software lets you know what your kids have posted on their social media account; what comments they have received on these posts; what messages they have received and sent; what photos and videos they have exchanged with fellows and whatsoever they have done on Facebook.

How does Facebook Spy App Work?

Once you get the Android mobile phone of your kid installed with the spy software, you can get access to the data stored on the phone including data relevant to Facebook and other social media apps. The spy app automatically uploads the entire data to the online spy account which can only be operated by parents. At the time of app subscription, the end-user of the spy app is provided access to the online spy account which is used to monitor and control the targeted cell phone. By logging into that spy account, parents can see their kids’ Facebook activities and other activities performed on the targeted cell phones. Read on to know what android spy app for facebook lets you track.

Track Facebook Chats

You can monitor all messages sent and received by your children via Facebook with the help of cell phone tracking app. The spy app gets access to incoming and outgoing Facebook one-on-one and group messages containing text, emoticons, stickers, links and other stuff. These messages and contact information of message senders and receivers get uploaded to the spy account from where parents can review them.

Track Facebook Posts

You can monitor social media posts of your kids including those posts which are shared with specific people. You can also see comments, likes and reactions on these posts.

Track Facebook Calls

The voice and video calls received and made by your children can be tracked with Facebook spy app. The profiles of call makers and receivers can also be monitored.

Track Facebook Media

Facebook allows exchanging photos, videos, voice recordings and other media files with online fellows. The spy app syncs all media files and uploads to spy account for parents to view and download these files.

Capture Facebook Activities with On-Demand Screenshots

You can send command to the targeted cell phone to start taking screenshots as your kids start using Facebook on their monitored mobile phones. The screenshots get uploaded to spy account from where you can witness all activities of kids performed on social media platform.

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