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13 ways to break your kid’s smartphone addiction

Smartphone addiction is a bitter truth, and young kids are the most affected community worldwide. Parents are looking forward to breaking their kid’s cell phone addiction no time ever before. Do you know more than 90% of kids have access to cellphones and internet access these days?

They spend all day long on digital devices and download social networking channels and messaging apps.  Therefore, they are more likely to interact with strangers online and become friends with them. Young kids send and receive text messages and chats conversations. They also make voice and video calls and post pictures and videos. All these activities on cell phones like social media usage, calls, messages, and media increasing screen-time.   

How to break kid’s smartphone addiction?

There are plenty of roles that you can make in your house, and be authoritative parents. Here are the following top 12 ways to break the smartphone addiction of your children.

1-Don’t let your child use your phone for every activity

Parents often provide their kids individual cell phone devices. Don’t provide them a separate cell phone unless they are older to understand smartphone addiction. We all know that novels, games, books, and many other things are available on the web. So, don’t allow your child to perform every activity on the cell phone screen. Encourage your child to read books and play games in real life rather than on the web.

2-Switch your kids’ activities

Train your kids in a way that doesn’t spend hours and hours on a single activity. The excess of everything is harmful. So, encourage your child to do plenty of activities for fun and extracurricular activities. Your child’s brain will stay active and will not get obsessed with a single activity. Therefore, don’t let your kids spend time on digital phones and the internet.

3-Limit kid’s screen-time

The cell phone screen is very addictive for kids because social messaging apps, social networks, and other stuff on the web are in sequence. The regular familiarity with the activities in sequence makes kids addicted to smartphones. They use cell phones for messages and make calls, sharing media, and so on. So, limit your kids’ screen time on cell phone devices.

4-Block Notifications

 Parents should block cell phone notifications, like social media notifications, and many others alike. Your kids will not get distracted, because of back-to-back social media notifications. Your kids will not Turn to mobile screens and the internet all day long. Notifications are the biggest distracters these days, and young girls and boys always turn to their phone screens whenever they receive notifications on their smartphones.

5-Make sure device-free zones

Parents should make the device and internet-free zones for kids. You can use password-protected internet connections and don’t allow kids to use cell phones and PCs at certain places. It will decrease the screen-time of the children kids will not become obsessed with cell phones and the internet. Phone-free zones attract kids towards real-life activities.

6Put the cell phone away

If you tell your kids to put their cell phones away when they are having dinner and studying. Moreover, make a schedule for kids, and don’t allow them to use those smartphones during the device-free time. It enables parents to protect kids from smartphone addiction. Your kids will also get started to take part in real-life activities because of your scheduled activities.

7-Don’t let kids take the phone into bedrooms

Authoritarian parenting is one of the best tools that enable parents to train kids how to live and what kind of lifestyle they adopt. Parents should stop kids from getting cell phones and internet devices in the bedroom. Protect your child to be a night owl, and warn them not to use cellphones in bedrooms at night. Young kids are more likely to use dating apps and get access to adult content secretly. It could lead kids to develop smartphone addiction.

8-Give kids an alternative to cellphone

Cell phone alternative has become necessary for the mental growth of children. Young teens are more likely to spend time on social media using phone screens connected to cyberspace. You can suggest your child take part in sports activities for a healthy lifestyle. Suppose if they are not interested in sports, and then you can suggest exercise and change their sleeping patterns.  It would help out parents to break kid’s smartphone addiction to the fullest.

9-Encourage kids for real-life conversations

Most kids spend hours and hours in non-verbal communication using cellphone keystrokes and develop a habit of text messages, phone calls, media sharing, and voice calls. You can guide your kids about real-life activities and conversations with friends and family members. Allow them to interact with friends in real life, and encourage them to have real-life friends. Don’t discourage your teens while they having a friendship bond with someone that they like the most. It will help parents to prevent kids from cell phone addiction.

10-Replace their bad habits

When your kids get bored, you can guide them to get their hand on a book. Tell your child spending time on cell phones is worthless. You can provide them books of their interest like harry porter and many others alike. You can guide them on how to read a book within a week or so.

11-Change your kid’s thinking

You can discuss with your child that why cell phone technology is necessary? Moreover, you can discuss how much time you should spend on the phones and how excessive time on cell phones is dangerous for them physically and emotionally.

12-Set boundaries

You can also set boundaries for kids on cell phones and internet access. Parents can discuss with kids that what kids are allowed on cellphones and what activities are inappropriate. Tell them about the presence of online predators and sex offenders that can trap them at any point in time.

13-Set parental control on kid’s phone

Parents can use cell phone parental control software on kid’s cellphone devices after the implantation of ground rules. You can use an Android monitoring app to keep an eye on kid’s cell phone activities without them knowing. You will get to know whether your kids are following your instructions or just dodging you. You can monitor social media activities, measure screen-time, view installed apps, and track the GPS location of your kids.  Phone parental control is the best application to break your kid’s addiction to mobile phone devices.


Are you worried about your kid’s obsession with phones? Install cell phone monitoring software and get to know what your kids are up to on the phone 24/7.

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