How to Manage the Transition from ITIL V3 to ITIL4

Implementing the different ways of working in Lean, Agile, DevOps helps to understand the transiting ITIL V3 to ITIL 4 and add the value to business and organizations. In Feb 2019 the AXELOS launched ITIL 4 with higher modules throughout 2019 and in 2020.

The ITIL v3 determines the clear path for ITIL practitioners. To reach the target of ITIL 4 strategic and ITIL 4 professionals the practitioners should complete all the chapters in each module and it acts as a globally excepted for both the streams of ITIL strategist Leader. A lot of ways to finish the transitions which depends on the certification that you are interested in.

Understand the complete Transition from ITIL v3 to ITIL 4?

  • After completing ITIL v3 Foundation the additional certificate you need certify is ITIL 4 Foundation. The different number of methods are added to ITIL4 which is the enhancement of ITIL v3. The huge number of information is added into certification Foundations that complete the IT service management. 
  • For a successful career in ITIL 4 certifications you need to reach intermediate or practitioner level then you need to gain the v3 certification that makes you eligible for ITIL and you will learn how to manage the professional transition methods and completion of managing the module.
  • If you have completed the ITIL v3 certification, then you need to finish the ITIL and to reach the designation of managing the professional transition modules which makes you eligible for Digital ITIL Leader and strategy module. After completing the entire module, you will become an ITIL master.
  • The common question where everybody asks is whether the current certificate of ITIL v3 is a new edition outdate the present certification and their credentials. The answer will be no because the even if you pursue the ITIL 4 the ITIL v3 certification will remain valid and hold the value as the professional expert and it’s an advice to all professionals of IT to upgrade their self with ITIL 4
  • Expert with deep knowledge in the industry might be wondering and have confusion, is it worth investment of time and money for the updating their certification. Keeping the considerable difference of foundation element between v3 and ITIL 4. The simple answer will be yes and ITIL 4 will provide greater benefits for IT professionals. Taking this course will speed up to reach the goals and to achieve this.

The integration of DevOps and Agile delivery of the software which increases the concentration and focus on best practice which further improves the communication of wide organization and collaboration and also customization. The most common thing about the ITIL v3 and ITIL 4 the core element will remain the same. The upgraded version will provide a more unified and improves the service management of IT professionals

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  •  Getting deeper inside the ITIL4 will give many of the core elements that are present in the previous versions. The main changes of the ITIL v3 and ITIL 4 is to maximize the service management of IT in the present world. It gives you the ability for the organization to be more flexible and allows them to adopt the changes in technologies while it is aligned in business requirements and achieving targets as per planned.
  • The major changes appear in ITIL 4 and the main focus moves into the ITIL v3 lifecycle which is defined as the value of service system in ITIL 4. There are few definitions which remain core elements of concepts in lifecycle services and to represent the design of a new model in the finest version


ITIL 4 is the evolution for ITIL v3 which carries the credits for service management and ITIL v3 also carries similar and equal values. The value which is received from ITIL v3 remains as it is and do not expire. The ITIL 4 with its new version and a method that reaches customer requirements and satisfies their needs which improves the area of management. And all the benefits which are acquired in ITIL v3 are essentials and gives the path to continue the certification in ITIL 4. If you acquire specific requirements through ITIL 4 managing professional training only if you have hold the certification of ITIL v3.

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