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10 Ways to Monitor Instagram on iPhone and Android

There are many ways to monitor Instagram on iPhone and Android, Now Social media has gained tremendous popularity worldwide within a short span of time. The apps such as Instagram and Facebook have captivated teens and tweens more than anything else. The researches indicate teens’ excessive use of social media and the risks associated with this needless use. The teens between the age of 12 and 17 spend more than nine hours a day using social networking platforms. Almost 45 percent of teenagers confess that social media is a very important part of their routine life.

The hyper-connected life of teens and tweens also carries several risks such as cyberbullying, online child molestation, sexting, catfishing, and victimization. Social media apps tempt users to share more personal information, photos, and videos with their online fellows. The more they get involved, the more they are likely to become victims of online crimes. This article discusses the negative side of social media sites such as Instagram and the ways to monitor Instagram to protect teens from online threats.

How to Monitor Instagram on iPhone and Android?

Instagram Photo-Sharing App

This app is the most popular photo-sharing platform that allows users to share photos and videos publicly and privately. Around 95 million photos and videos have been shared on Instagram in one day. More than 40 billion photos and videos have been shared on the platform since its beginning.

The photo-sharing site has more than 700 million active users and Instagram users are found to be more engaged as compared to the users of Facebook and Twitter. Instagram is particularly designed for those who love taking photos and instantly uploading them to share with online fellows.

Like other social media apps, Instagram also carries several risks for teens and tweens. Almost 24 percent of Instagram users have reported experiencing cyberbullying as a victim or witness. The sharing of personal photos and videos can be misused by scammers for impersonation. Meanwhile, the abundance of adult-oriented content increases the possibilities of our kids exposing to pornography and age-inappropriate stuff.

Monitoring of Instagram App

The parents are needed to supervise the social media activities of their children to protect them from the potential dangers of socializing platforms. They must know what sort of stuff their kids post online and what conversations they make with their online fellows.

There are social media monitoring apps that enable parents to supervise the online activities of their children by tracking their cell phones and direct messages. We have rounded up here three cell phone monitoring apps that enable parents to monitor Instagram accounts of their children on iPhone and Android.

We have rounded up here ten cell phone monitoring apps that enable parents to monitor Instagram accounts of their children on iPhone and Android.

TheOneSpy Social Media Monitoring App

TheOneSpy is cross-platform tracking software that lets you monitor the cell phone use of your children. It is compatible with smartphones running different versions of Android OS and iOS. Once you install the software on the cell phone of your kid, you can monitor and control that phone via an online portal. The app lets you spy on popular social media apps including Instagram. You can monitor the private Instagram account of your children and track their direct messages, photos, and videos posted and shared on the photo-sharing app.

OgyMogy Instagram Tracking App

OgyMogy is one of the most advanced cell phone android monitoring apps that enable parents to supervise the online and offline activities of their children. It allows tracking and managing cell phone devices running Android and iOS. The social media monitoring feature of OgyMogy lets you track the social and instant messengers of your teens and tweens. You can monitor Instagram and many other photo-sharing apps without letting your kids know. The Instagram spy app lets you monitor the direct messages of your children. Also, it lets you monitor your kids’ Instagram posts, friends list, and followers list.


Securekin is a mobile monitoring app that offers digital monitoring of targeted phones. It allows you to track digital gadgets and spy on their activities. It is easy to see your loved ones using digital devices and find what they are doing on their screen. You can use it by getting a license and installing it into your targeted device.

MM Guardian Cell Phone Monitoring App

MM Guardian is a reliable cell phone monitoring app that allows spying on Instagram and many other social media networks. As well as monitor Instagram on Android and iPhone, it also lets you set screen time limits by managing the use of these apps on monitored devices. You may choose how much time your kids can spend on social media and other apps installed on their phones. There is more you can do using the cell phone monitoring app.


Mspy is one of the great and reliable apps for tracking your loved one to find online performances. This spy software is available for both Android and iOs devices. Mspy is an Instagram monitoring app that allows you to spy on Instagram activities of your loved ones and know what they are doing on social messenger apps. It’s working for Instagram monitoring and provides WhatsApp, Snapchat, and other social media apps. You can install the app and log in to your dashboard. It offers you a family kit to cover multiple devices to track if you find the best app, so Mspy is your best choice to monitor your kids for their protection.

Highster Mobile

Highster mobile allows you to keep an eye on your targeted one by secret spying procedure. It will enable you to track your targeted person while using digital devices and social media. Its incredible technology makes it easy to choose the best mobile monitoring app and find online activities without touching targeted devices. Suppose you are looking for a low-cost app, so a Highster mobile is your best choice. Its ambitious price offers many valuable features for you. It lets you monitor Android and iOs devices and track discover their online performances.


Xnspy is a stand-out monitoring app for you. This monitoring app is available for android and iOs devices that enable you to track almost all activities. You need physical access to install the app into your targeted device for remote monitoring. KidsGuard pro is a great app that helps you Instagram monitoring and find their activities. User enables you to monitor what’s your child secretly are doing on the targeted social media platform. With this, you can access messages, contacts, calendar, messages, etc. this app deals with digital devices and find their online activities. It makes sure your targeted one knows their live activities.


It is another great Instagram spy app. it empowers you to track the targeted android and iOs devices and find their activities. It is available for android and iOs devices, but Flexispy monitor iOs need to jailbreak, and Android needs to root. It offers you secret monitoring of targeted devices and finds their conversation, text in real-time. This app enables you to spy on targeted devices without touch. It helps you in finding your kids’ activities while using Instagram. Flexispy offers you to follow compete for activities of targeted account.


It is a monitoring app that allows you to track android and iOs devices. Users can keep track of their loved ones with the FoneMonitor app. you can track cell phones and spy on their Instagram activities. It allows you to view call conversations, find text messages, take screenshots or observe social media activities or prevent you by sending inappropriate things on Instagram.

Social media and see the device contact list and bookmark pages. You can monitor everything on targeted Instagram by FoneMonitor dashboard. This spy software easily tracks the devices and finds their activities without touching them. In short, FoneMonitor is a great spy app that offers you the best set of feature lists along with a beautiful price bundle.


uMobix is a monitoring app that allows you to spy on the targeted Instagram and find their activities. It runs on android and iOs devices. The user didn’t need to jailbreak and root for the targeted device. It can track digital devices and or also social media platforms.

You can find the device activities or know everything about your children. You can check Instagram DM’s from the uMobix dashboard. uMobix has the option to hide the app icon during installation. It is an excellent choice to spy on your child and protect them from the danger zone.


There is a list of the best monitoring app that helps you in finding online activities. This article enables you to choose the best Instagram monitoring app for the secret spying of your targeted person.

Hope you would have found this article helpful in finding the best tools to monitor Instagram on iPhone and Android.  

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