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Running a business should be backed up with a mutual understanding between the owner and the clients. You have manufactured products within the given duration by the second party, but they are not paying your wages on time.

If you ask business owners on one thing that they can agree upon, they will insist on getting the early payment from their clients. Obtaining payments on time assist the owner in running the business frequently and its future helps in availing benefits like:

  • Growing investments
  • Timely payment to the staff
  • More opportunity to expand the business sphere

On the other hand, delayed payments usually create a massive gap between the cash flow that further create problems like instability and uncertainty among the staff. Even a small pending amount like €2000-€4000 creates indecision in the management. Sometimes, companies have to look for borrowing options like quick loans to fill that gap as soon as possible. But the main problem is that this thing has become too familiar these days, particularly among the small businesses.

What will you do get the payment faster from your clients? Will it be stress-free or stressful? It may be not very clear to you, but the following suggestions can bring your balance right on the track.

Creativity is the key

It would be best if you upgrade your payment norms. It is imperative nowadays as digital payment has spread its wings all over the world. It might look tough at the start, but once you insert this to your business management, it brings desired outcomes for you. Create a system where you can mention the entire payment at the front, initial deposit and the remaining payment during the delivery of the manufactured product. Another option can be to collect payment partly when one set of order gets delivered.

Alternatively, you can also apply a discount offer on the early payment or during the buffer period. However, you have to look closely to this option, as it should not disturb your overall balance.

Be clear to your expectations

Never hide anything with your client regarding the payment. When you are selling your products or doing production for the second party, clear everything when you want full payment or partial payment. If the client hesitates to agree upon this, it would be better to look for other clients who seem agree on this.

Tell every expectation to your clients and make familiar them with all the expenses that will be part of the production. You make sure that there will be no surprise in the end and everything will be precise right from the start.

Enhance your customer relationship

It is a significant step that has to be part of your business planning. You have to keep contact with your prospective clients very active, as it can work later when dealing with unpaid invoices. If the client has some difficulty in making the payments, he can directly contact you without any hesitation. It makes it more comfortable for you to understand what the clients’ problems are in the delayed payments. After all, it is professionalism to have a mutual understanding between the two parties to run a business smoothly.

Another vital benefit of this process is to keep intact your customers. They may now be unable to make payments on time, but they had timely paid you in the past. You cannot lose out your customers, as it can directly impact your company. As an example, you can learn from the current lending companies. They are trying to expand their network by adding more and more customers to their products. The no credit check loans, funding for jobless people with poor credit and many more are the best illustrations in these terms.

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Give Options of Multiple Payment Gateways

It will help if you learn from online commerce companies. They have a vast network of payment gateways, and they offer varied methods to their clients for making the payments. Nowadays, the payment technology has been altered significantly, and everyone is moving or feeling comfortable with the digital amount. Allow your customers to pay you via methods like credit cards, debit cards, direct bank transfer, cash, cheque or from third-parties.

It may look tough right at the start. Thus, hire the process gradually because every customer must have the comfort to deal with your company.

In the Nutshell

Business stability is a crucial factor in your commercial success and in that, payment structure should be compact. You must have every expectation from your buyer to make your payment on time. If he does so, then the client would not only be your vendor but a business associate too. Good communication can pave the way for more business for your company.

The early goal of your business is growth and end objective is the success of it. The better relationship always determines the middle path.


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