Smartphones Turning Kids into Zombies

How Are Smartphones Turning Kids into Zombies?

How are smartphones turning Kids into Zombies? Do you know why? Smartphones technology has made generation Z glued with their phone screen. Friends sitting right next to each other have less interest in chit chat. They cannot pay attention to what the other person is talking about.

Everyone gets interested in spending time on cellphones connected to cyberspace. Gone are the days when people go to someone’s place and ask for directions from other people. Today, everyone would prefer the GPS systems of the phone and find out the location to reach any place.

Young kids have forgotten playgrounds, and they use cell phones as their digital playgrounds and other social activities. So, we can say that smartphones turning kids into zombies.

According to a Survey done by Bankmycell Company

A company known as Bankmycell runs a business selling phones has done a survey that says the average person spends 3 to 5 hours a day. It means our kids use their phones for hours and hours and gaze at the phone screen for a dangerous amount of time. It is ridiculous time that generation z is spending on a phone screen rather than hanging out with friends outside their homes.

  • Young kids spend 3 to 7 hours on cellphones
  • Almost 85% of kids have cellphones or tablets device
  • Average Kid send 100 messages a day on phones & social networks
  • More than 70% children have internet access

Top Signs that Smartphones Turning Kids into Zombies

Here are the top signs that enable parents to know that their kids are obsessed with the cell phone screen and seemingly behaving like zombies. Let’s discuss the signs, one by one in the following:

Kids constantly check phones having conversations.

Today people use their phones at the same time doing other activities.  Almost 85% of the kids check their phone screen while speaking with peers and family members. It enables kids to concentrate on conversations while using cell phones. Therefore, kids are more likely cannot pay attention to their studies due to cell phone addiction. Young kids make conversations with people in person and also use their phones. Kids prefer talking to people lowering down their eyes on the phone screen.

Get negatively distracted by their smartphones.

Young kids are obsessed with the technological devices connected to cyberspace, and they love to spend time on the screens. Bankmycell survey mentioned that kids are phone addicts, and 67% of teachers have observed that kids negatively get distracted by their phones. More than 47% of parents believe that their kids have cell phone obsession and behave like zombies. So, the young generation is heavily dependent on their phones.

Excessive screen time leads kids to mental issues.

Cell phones have come up with health problems for kids. They seem tired all time because they spend hours and hours of bedtime on mobile screens. So, kids have got ill-sleeping patterns because of phone addiction. Cell phone addict’s kids sleep less than 6 hours at night, and they are more likely to have behavior issues and suicide risks. So, technological devices are not appropriate for mental health, and today young generation turns into zombies no time ever before.

No mobile phone phobia among kids

Generation Z has got the issue of No mobile phone phobia, and they are unable to deal with it these days. Cell phone addiction in kids creates a fear in the subconscious that losing their phone would be a disaster for them. So, they seem irritated, full of aggression, and depressed whenever they lose the phone. Nomophobia is one of the signs that kids are turning into zombies.

Unable to remember the location of any place

People had good memory a couple of decades ago, but today kids and adults have to use the GPS tracker of a mobile phone to find out any location. They cannot find out the location of any place even a few kilometers away. So, you can see people these days gazing at their phone’s screen to use Google Maps to track a place, and a distance.  

Smartphone addiction is increasing day by day

Cell phones are connected to cyberspace, and the obsession with using these devices becomes more dangerous with time. Technology has brutally destroyed our norms, values, cultures, memories, and last but not least ability to talk in person. 

  • We no longer can pay attention to what is happening in our surroundings.
  • You can see that the young generation seems to stick with the phones all day long on bus stations, Airports, and Railway stations.
  • No one knows what is coming in their way, and they spend time on social media networks, like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and many more.
  • Everyone seems busy in texting, chatting, media sharing, news feeds, and unproductive activities.

What should parents do to protect kids from being zombies?

Parents can deal with the issues of cellphone addiction to prevent kids from becoming zombies. They can reduce kids’ screen time. You can stop your kids from spending too much time on digital devices using cell phone monitoring software.

Parents can find out the best phone tracking and monitoring solution and use it on the target phone to block apps that push kids to spend hours and hours on smartphones. You can secretly watch what your kids frequently do on the screen of their smartphones. Users can filter websites, record live phone screens, block apps, view installed apps, monitor GPS location, and many more.

Which is the best phone spy solution to reduce kid’s phone time?

Plenty of phone monitoring apps are on the web. They offer services to reduce screen time and empower you to monitor addictive activities on phones. However, there are the following apps that can get the job done for you to the fullest.

You can use these apps to protect your kids to be zombies due to the cell phone obsession. You can monitor and track social media, visited websites, installed apps, and monitor social media logs.


Cell phone obsession is real. Excessive phone usage could turn your kids into zombies. Parents can look after kids online to safeguard them physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

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