Expert Tips for Better Team Management During the Pandemic

team management during the pandemic

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The Covid-19 crisis has created an immense challenge for the corporate sector. While on one hand, leaders have to abide by the rules of social distancing to maintain the safety of their employees and collaborate with their team members remotely, on the other, they have to deliver to the rising needs and duties of their job roles. Due to the current situation, work has been shifted from office to home. While working remotely, keeping the communication going inside the team becomes tough. Furthermore, small and big corporation leaders are facing difficulties in maintaining their employees’ level of productivity. Hence, the need for tailor-made strategies and initiatives is being felt to handle the demands of work task management. Here are some tips for you to deal with the crisis and come out of this difficult time with a stronger and efficient task force.

Set Daily Goals

Setting clear and distinct goals is the job of a team leader to help the employees maintain their direction in achieving the objectives of the company. This is very important for giving the employees a sense of responsibility and work towards finishing their deadlines. During the pandemic, work hours may become flexible and this might create reluctance on the part of employees. Hence setting an agenda for the day is crucial to meet the daily goals.

Monitor Progress

It is crucial to monitor the work in progress to ensure the delivery of the tasks on time. Check on the team members once in a while. You can evaluate the quality of work and track the progress of your employees through effective work task management tools. These tools are available free of cost and cater to the specific requirements of small, as well as, big corporations. They also enable time estimating required for completing a task and provides transparency on the workflow and efficiently manages time.

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Provide timely feedback

It is very important to provide constructive feedback on employee performance. It will allow them to correct their mistakes and motivate them to perform better. This step can go a long way in creating an enthusiastic and responsible workforce. Provide them with feedback and also value their ideas on how to apply their skills to meet the daily workload.

Provide Skills Training

If you sense that your workers are feeling demotivated due to the current pandemic forcing them to stay at home, provide them with opportunities to brush up on their skills or learn a new skill through e-learning platforms.

Implement Task Tracking Through Collaborative Applications

Work collaboration applications are cloud-based technologies that help project managers from project planning to smooth delivery and increase the productivity index of the company as a whole. This technological innovations crucial for both big and small companies as it ensures that the workers are constantly in touch with each other through video-conferencing and real-time information sharing even while working from home.

The current pandemic has taken a psychological and emotional toll on everyone. A sense of empathy toward the employees can make a lot of difference. Engage in discussion forums for understanding the perspective of your employees and give them a space to express their ideas. Allow them to reach out to you with their questions and problems. Use work collaboration applications and video conferencing to interact with employees on frequent intervals and provide solutions to their issues and queries. This will not only help in effective troubleshooting and flow of information but will also provide your employees with a sense of belongingness to the organization. This is very important in the current scenario since employees cannot work in their habitual office space.

Expert Tips for Better Team Management During the Pandemic

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