The Ultimate Technique To Create A Perfect Wiki Page


The creation of wikipedia pages is not in any way a simple and easy task. Many professional wiki page writers use various techniques that help them in the creation of wiki pages that will get the approval of the platform but all these techniques can prove to be difficult for beginners who want to create flawless pages.

One can easily get a wiki page created and approved if they hire a professional wikipedia page writing service but writing for a wiki page yourself can turn into a tricky job. After conducting thorough research on this topic and reading hundreds of articles a fool proof technique of creating a wiki page has been discovered. This ultimate technique requires a wiki writer to follow 5 simple steps and if these 5 steps are followed the right way then the creation and approval of your wiki page is guaranteed.

 The ultimate 5 step technique to create a wiki page:

This 5 step technique requires a wiki writer to carefully follow each step so that they can have a high chance of getting their wiki pages approved upon submission.

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Step # 1 – Account creation:

The first step is a simple step that only requires the wiki writers to register themselves on the virtual platform. This step does not require any special skills and one simply has to go on the official wikipedia website and select their desired language. After picking your desired language you need to look at the top right corner of the page and you will see an option that says “create account” which is situated right next to the “log in” option. All you have to do is click on the “create account” option and fill in all the information that is required by wikipedia from you.

 Step # 2 – Selecting your page title:

After creating your wikipedia account you need to select your topic of interest and pick the title of the page. Now, you have to keep in mind that wikipedia does not allow two pages with the same title therefore you must ensure that your selected page title must be unique. Another thing you need to ensure is the notability criteria of wikipedia. Your page title or in simple words the topic of your interest must meet the notability standards of wikipedia otherwise your wiki page is highly likely to be rejected.

Step # 3 – Gather relevant information:

The purpose of creating a wiki page is to provide people with information. The information provided needs to be reliable and authentic and this can only happen if a wiki writer conducts thorough research and collect all the necessary information regarding the chosen topic. You also need to ensure that the information being collected is authentic and the facts and figures collected need to be backed by reliable sources.

Step # 4 – Start writing:

Once you have completed your research the writing phase starts. As a wiki page writer you need to ensure that you follow all the guidelines and policies of wikipedia when writing for the wiki page. These guidelines and policies are provided in detail on wikipedia and they need to be followed religiously to the last dot. A wiki writer also needs to ensure that they are not including any content that hints promotion or advertising or any other kind of bias. The page content needs to be free of opinions and promotions to avoid rejection.

Step # 5 – Submission:

When your wiki page is ready you simply need to submit your wiki page for the final screening. But before the submission it is always suggested and highly recommended that one should critically check their wiki page them self to point out and correct any errors and mistakes that might be there. Once you have checked your wiki page thoroughly and are confident that your page is written exactly according to the guidelines and policies of wikipedia then you need to submit the page and simply wait for the wikipedia officials to screen your wiki page and make it a part of the virtual platform officially.


If a wiki page writer follows these steps then the possibility of their wiki page to get the approval of the official platform is very high. Therefore follow these steps and create your wiki pages without any hassle.

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