Technology Trends that Will Disrupt the Future of Entertainment

Technology Trends

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The entertainment industry was among the first ones to embrace everything modern technology had in store. That said, however, the evolution of this industry is far from over. Just like any other industry nowadays, the entertainment sector will have to find a way to readjust.

This will not only include the tech innovations the entertainment industry will have to embrace. It will also include changes in the manner in which the content is being delivered and the content itself. Therefore, here are some of the tech trends that are bound to disrupt the future of the entertainment industry in 2020.

Subscription-based streaming video services

Subscription-based streaming video services were a huge trend when they first hit the market. And the popularity of these platforms will only continue to rise. Since people seem to prefer on-demand option the most, companies that want to stay relevant need to take this into account. Aside from Amazon, Hulu and Netflix who were the pioneers, consumers nowadays can choose from many others. HBO, Disney+ and Apple TV+ are just some of the newer platforms worth mentioning. On the other hand, these platforms need to be careful with how they decide to develop further. The fact is that not all people can afford to be subscribed to all of them. That’s why they need to ensure that they offer stellar content if they want to stay relevant in the future. 

VR and AR expansion

Even though VR and AR have been on the market for some time now, these technologies are constantly growing. New solutions and ways to implement them in various industries appear almost daily. The entertainment industry is no different. We already have a chance to enjoy both VR and AR in video games. But soon, we can expect to see these tech new and innovations penetrate the world of film and music as well. In fact, back in 2017 the music band Gorillaz already released a VR music video. It completely changed the game for the video industry. It’s safe to say that we’ll be able to enjoy some amazing movies in VR sooner than we think.

New trends in iGaming

The iGaming industry significantly evolved since it first appeared on the market. Ever since casinos expanded their offer online their reach improved significantly. Nowadays, online casinos offer their users various types of payment commodities. Aside from that, exciting new slot games are launched almost daily. The growing demand for new content made online casinos improve both their offer as well as their operations. This is sure to bring numerous benefits to both casinos and their customers alike.

The real 4K experience

So far, even though the 4K resolution became a thing, not many gadgets were able to fully support it. However, since the demand for this new experience continued to rise, companies are now focusing on improving the availability of said devices. This means that the audience will be able to more easily access gadgets that can support the real 4K experience. TVs, smartphones and monitors will be the first entertainment gadgets to support this new and improved resolution.

Greater exposure for eSports

eSports are another branch of the entertainment industry that is experiencing significant exposure. While this branch was certainly popular in the previous years, its popularity will only continue to grow. Gaming companies, as well as players and fans, can expect to enjoy their favourite content even more. This increase in popularity will bring gaming companies more sales. Similarly, it will motivate players to improve their skills and sign up for various competitions. Finally, it will offer the fans of this industry more chances to enjoy their favourite eSport.

Get ready for 5G

Finally, the long-promised 5G internet network is on its way. This will entirely change the current browsing experience for mobile users. Since 5G promises greater speed and bandwidth, consumers can expect to have their minds blown. Furthermore, smartphones that support 5G are predicted to boost the overall smartphone sales in 2020. As predicted, as much as 12% of all smartphones sold in 2020 will be the ones that support 5G. In the end, 5G and 4K will go hand-in-hand. As mentioned, 5G offers better download speeds. What this means is that mobile viewers should be able to enjoy content in its original resolution. So far, many mobile viewers had to compromise and go for the downgraded resolution. Thankfully, this will no longer be the case.

Since none of us can really predict the future, all that is left to do is sit back and enjoy the ride. However, all of these educated guesses promise us a fun future to look forward to. This year promises to bring such innovative changes in the entertainment industry. So, get your favourite snack and get ready to be entertained in 2020.

Technology Trends that Will Disrupt the Future of Entertainment

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