How the TOGAF Standard Serves Enterprise Architecture

TOGAF Standard Serves Enterprise Architecture

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Different software and technology are there which makes the work productively and easy for the business. There are many problems with the organization as to how to document many of the things which could be complex being in large organizational systems which could be challenging. For this, there is a system TOGAF that came into being and helped the organization in various aspects of enterprise architecture.

Enterprise architecture

Enterprise architecture is the method to design, analyze, plan as well as implement the enterprise analysis for making the business various strategies to be executed successfully. This is the process that helps in maintaining the structure of businesses such as IT projects, policies, etc. This will help in achieving the desired result of business and help them to be on top of the trends prevailing in the industry.    

If a business is making changes such as re-organization or re-designing mainly during some of the acquisitions or mergers. Then with enterprise architecture, it could happen in a more disciplined and organized manner into any organization by consolidating as well as standardizing processes.

For growing the business there is a need to make the new products as well as service to earn more revenue than before. But for these various changes are need to be made throughout the life of a business, the creation of a new system, adopting competition while adopting advanced technologies, and other integration of the system for sharing information.

For this, a well-defined, as well as executed practices of enterprise architecture, is required which can handle, confront as well as manage all the computing with technological complexities. If an enterprise architecture will not be there then disconnection could happen between different systems, miscommunications between various teams as well as internally, engineering efforts which are made could duplicate leading to wastage of labor, a solution will not be proper, and many other things.

TOGAF with Enterprise architecture

If the new business needs to be started then they could feel the surging growth. There could be the possibility that they need to make abrupt changes into the business many times to emerge better in the market. But without the enterprise architecture, it could not be possible, if this is not there then some sort of guidance on the architecture front is required in it. If this is not there then everything will be in a mess and information sharing could not able to happen. More is the growth for the company greater are the chances that there could be danger around to manage things.

Similarly, when a company is doing the merger or acquisition then there is much information that needs to be shared and processed together. Such as there is a different system of HR for employees that need to be integrated into one. If the integration is not done properly then the sharing of employee data, miscommunication, bugs in software, communication could exceed, and many others. It should be merged or get converted into better enterprise architecture frameworks from which one of the best is TOGAF.

TOGAF is the most effective as well as efficient IT operations enterprise architecture. The investment is better made on the TOGAF enterprise architecture as it is the best for procurement. TOGAF will work best for any kind of business operation which is cheaper as well as reduce expenditure for the future. 

How the TOGAF Standard Serves Enterprise Architecture

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