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Top 10 Popular Mobile Application Types That You Should Consider For Development

Application development is a vital ingredient in the success of businesses. So, how many business types benefit from it exactly?

In the span of the last 10 years, we have seen many new applications. Most of these applications are backed by revolutionary ideas, which have made existing elements of our life easier. Whether you talk about going to one spot from another or putting food on your table, the usage of a mobile application behind those aspects is imminent. This is why the demand and development of these applications are sky-high with new ideas and options making appearances each day.

However, development aside, there are some categories that stand out in each application store. Apple’s Appstore or Google’s Playstore have their fair share of options with millions of active applications. So, which applications stand out on both of them? Today, we are going to look at some top categories and comprehend why their high usage makes them a suitable option for your next development project.

Top 10 Popular Mobile Application:

1.   Tools

Tools are statistically the most used applications on any platform. Their intricate role in the everyday habit of mobile phone users is what makes them stand out as one of the top categories. What are some of the examples? If your phone has a file manager, gallery, camera, memory and storage cleaner, then all of those fall into this category. Moreover, applications like call recording, barcode scanners and internet speed testers also fall into this category. The key is to understand the value each application brings to the table before you develop yours.

2.   Games

While tools might have the highest usage, games are the ones with the highest download numbers. With a variety of options, the gaming category on each of the application stores leads the way as the top category. However, the reason why it’s second on this list is the fact that not every mobile phone user plays games, while tools are present on each and every phone that you can find today. Some of the top mobile phone games include Pokémon GO, runner games, Call Of Duty: Mobile, Fortnite, PUBG & Candy Crush. Conversely, each pertaining sub-category has its top name.

3.   Social Media Networks

You might have guessed this category before you even opened this list. Social media networks are the primary pastime for many people and their only entertainment option during the day. Anywhere you go, all you need to do is pop-up one of the famous applications on your phone and go through it, as each one of them offers a unique feature. Some of them include Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. However, their development might be the toughest out of all categories, as each one presents a unique solution or distinctive feature.

4.   Taxi Booking

Need to go somewhere? The local bus is nowhere to be found? Well, that was a problem a few years ago, but ever since applications like Uber came into existence, people do not sweat over their options for means of travel. In other words, taxi booking applications are some of the favourites among users. App development California suggests that mobile phone users tend to rely on these applications despite the fact that a huge chunk of them have vehicles of their own. So, these applications are vital, whether you have do not have a car or if you are not a fan of driving in the traffic.

5.   Food & Drink

Much like taxi-booking, food ordering is made easy with applications like FoodPanda as well. In the modern era of business and professional life, people seldom have time to take care of their cravings, let along with cook or make it themselves. Enter food-ordering applications and half of those problems disappear as you can get any sort of food you like with a few clicks. But, the key to this category is the same as the others: your idea needs to be unique.

6.   E-commerce Apps

Ecommerce applications are used immensely since Covid19 struck. However, their eventual takeover was predicted before the pandemic was on the horizon, as their nature and convenient style of business helps buyers and sellers alike. Which is why this category is one of the top names as their downloads keep on increasing as we speak. So, whether you think of it like a buyer or a seller, make sure your application provides value to both.

7.   Travel & Local

Travelling is one of the oldest and chief hobbies of human beings. That is why professionals have always tried to make it easier for fellow humans to travel and find accommodations. So, you no longer have to visit agencies in person as you can simply download their application and plan out your next vacation step-by-step. Keeping up with the tradition of other application categories, travel apps need to provide some sort of unique value as well.

8.   Finance: Online Transaction Or Payment

A lifesaver for freelancers and online employees, finance applications have become their primary option to handle their expenses, debits and credits. So, if you find work on websites like Fiverr, then how do you get paid? Through applications like Payoneer. Moreover, all of the banks in the world have applications of their own to provide their users with payment options on the go. Nevertheless, these applications need to have one thing above all else, which is security.

9.   Lifestyle

Lifestyle applications lead the way for fashion or fitness junkies. That is why their usage is high and their download numbers have a steady ascend each passing day. Nevertheless, to keep this list short, we cannot cover all the sub-categories, but you can understand the idea.

10.   News & Magazines

News & Magazine applications have practically choked the life out of physical newspapers and magazines. However, some of the leading names in this category are Daily Mail, BBC News & CNN. Which can help you understand the fact that these applications are dominated by the same names who have dominated newspapers and magazine world for decades.

Wrapping It Up

While there are other honourable mentions, such as education, entertainment, house & home, as well as maps and navigation, these are some of the categories that sit atop. The reason for us to examine these categories was simple, to understand their usage and how one should approach their development.

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