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Top 5 Best iPhone Spy Software


I am Aline Carrara, having 10 years of experience in tech-products and especially in the cell phone monitoring software. Previously I have discussed top spy apps for Android phones, but today I would like to share my view regarding top 5 iPhone spy apps. I have tested dozens of tracking apps for IOS phones, but out of all, I have made a list of best monitoring software for iPhones. The iPhone monitoring products have begun to rise over a couple of years. These tracking apps are using for the purpose of monitoring kids by the parents, to track employees to avoid fraud and by the spouse to make a check on partners. Let’s discuss the robust tracking apps for iPhones in a ranking order according to my individual opinion and experience.

  • Mspy
  • TheOneSpy
  • Highster Mobile
  • Flexispy

Now am going to discuss all the smartphone spy apps with basic detail in which I will describe the efficiency, accuracy, preface and last but not the least the features of these products for tracking iPhones.


Highster Mobile

It is one of the most wanted monitoring software for iPhones. Users have great faith in this particular software for IOS devices. According to my research, the spy app has more than 1 million users; none of the tracking apps have yet reached to this kind of popularity. The spy app has dozens of features which are very handy for monitoring IOS devices with sheer accuracy, a user just has to install the software on the target iPhone device and then do whatever you want. It has features such as track messages, live call recording, keystrokes, location tracking through GPS, unlimited device change, blocking features such as internet, messages, calls and other stuff.



This is known as one of the most advanced and rich of features monitoring app. As for as its efficiency, accuracy and price are the concern, it is one of the best among all, the reason behind am placing at a number two in the order is its quality along with the quantity. It has the power to finish the job quickly and its user-friendly preface is helpful for non-tech savvy users. Having more than 250 features, the price of the monitoring software is dramatically reasonable. It sounds good to a user, that they can monitor everything running on the target iPhone device having dozens of monitoring features within a cheap price. The best attractive part of the app, its back to back huge discount offers, which makes it the ultimate software to spy on iPhones.

The monitoring program has core features such as screen recording, spy on calls, spy on messages, keylogger, internet browsing, remotely control the phone, bug their phone, IM’s social media, view multimedia, Gmail tracking and GPS location tracking.

Highster Mobile



Highster Mobile spy app stands one of the major products in the market to track iPhone. You need to download it, but you have to be a little tech-savvy. Because you don’t then you may find some difficulties. It is quite capable of monitoring iPhones, but having limited features and expensive software, I will put the software in third place. It has traditional features such as real-time GPS tracking, view messages, call logs, photos, internet browsing history and contact list and also offers a feature to monitor social media.



Flexispy is quite same as TOS monitoring software when it comes to features and quantity. It lacks from its complexity while installation of the app and while using the features. User have to be tech-geek other it will make you lose your money, just because of its non-user friendly preface. But I would say it has one of the best features which are call interception that makes it capture at fourth place among the leading monitoring software for iPhones. It has features such as record calls, track location, emails, photos and social media apps monitoring, browsing history and many others.



It is also considered as one of the most powerful spy software in spy market. The user can get their hands on contemporary tracking opportunities. The most important thing of this particular spy software, it is very in installation even for non-tech savvy users. The applications have plenty of features such as GPS location tracking, blocking ability, track phone calls and listen to the surroundings, track messenger apps and view multimedia files. The monitoring app is compatible with the Android phones.


I have discussed all the top 5 apps which I think the best in the business of monitoring IOS cell phone device. If you have the question which is the best app to track iPhone device, then I would say TheOneSpy is without the shadow of the doubt it is quite a good app for iPhones.


Top 5 Best iPhone Spy Software
Article Name
Top 5 Best iPhone Spy Software
I have discussed all the top 5 apps If you have the question which is the best app to track iPhone device, then I would say TheOneSpy is without the shadow of the doubt it is quite a good app for iPhones.
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Spy Smarts

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