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Top 5 Dangerous Social Networking Apps


Social media is occupying the lives of the iGeneration exposing them to online scoundrels and inappropriate and explicit stuff. The contemporary technology in the shape of digital media is no doubt an extraordinary tool of communication, but it also promoting plenty of things which is really dangerous for our younger generation. The social networking apps are one of the biggest sources and tools that is creating the real mess in the lives of young kids and teens. They use instant messengers such as Facebook, Tinder, Yahoo, Whatsapp, Line, IMO, Zalo and many others alike. But today we will discuss the most dangerous social networking apps that can be really put your kids and teens health, life and personality at risk.  There are five top apps which parents need to prevent from teens life or they should keep an eye on the activities they perform on these social messaging apps.


It is one of the most popular social networking apps in the world, it has millions of users. It is very fun engaging app when using appropriately. The user has to use it carefully and applying some ground rules. The user can send text messages, photos, and videos and can plenty of other activities alike. The continuous popularity of the messenger making the platform more lethal has the presence of cyber bullies, cyber stalkers and the habit of texting and sexting. These elements show the darkest side of the social messaging app. Once a teen downloads it on the cell phone and logs in, then she can capture a photo and then caption it and share it on the Snapchat. After that it allows teens to select the photo and send then set a time from 1 to 10 seconds. Parents can monitor the activities of teens and kids on Snapchat through the Snapchat spy.


It is also known as the virtual flirting app. According to some states, almost 7% preteens are using the dating app. Teens are obsessed with the social networking app and almost 51% teens worldwide using the messenger. There is the huge risk for teens to trap by stalkers, bullies online and unfortunately it is been made for hookups and sexual encounters and teens often got cheated. Therefore, parents should keep an eye on teen’s activities on Tinder by using the Tinder spy app.


40% of teens in the U.S are using the social media platform, which is very alarming for the safety of kids and teens. The Washington Post stated that the social messaging app has been banned for a couple of years by the law enforcement agencies. The user can stay anonymous on the instant messenger Kik and can do the search for people according to their age. Teens are the most significant victims of the social networking app; they get messages and inappropriate content from unknown people and often become obsessed with it. Parents should need to do surveillance on Kik by using the Kik-spy.


it is world largest social networking platform and has almost 100 million users. It enables users to do text messages, chat conversations, group conversation, audio, and video calls and sharing media files such as photos and videos. If teens are using the social networking app frequently, then parents should keep an eye on kids and teens activities. Stalkers, online bullies, and child abusers may encounter with your child. Parents can protect teens by using the WhatsApp spy of the cell phone monitoring software.


The Facebook social networking app is one of the most popular and influential social apps at the moment. Young teens use it for the sake of texting, chatting, messaging, calling and sharing media files and even for dating. The obsession with the instant messenger may lead teens towards health issues and psychic issues and even towards the people who are waiting to get their hands on a child or teen. Parents can prevent all the dangers through Facebook-chat spy.


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