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Top 5 best spy apps’ location tracking Software comparison

Here are the following applications used to claim the best location tracking software and provide you real-time GPS location of the device, location history, weekly and daily location history, and many more. Let’s compare the TheOneSpy GPS tracking feature one by one with the top 5 spy apps for cellphone.

TheOneSpy head to head feature comparison with XNSPY

TheOneSpy: GPS location tracking software                             

TheOneSpy is one of the best spy apps and packs with the most powerful features. The location tracker feature is epic and has multiple GPS tracking sub-features. The application can track the location of the target device using GPS and without GPS.

Real-time location tracking software

TheOneSpy empowers you to track any mobile device location without root and is compatible with both rooted and non-rooted devices. It provides the pinpoint location of the device by using Google Maps. You need to install the application on the target device and access the dashboard to activate the Geo-location tracking software. Users will start getting the live location of the target device.

View location history

Users can view the location history using the location history tracker on the target device. TheOneSpy dashboard enables users to activate the feature and get the daily, weekly, and monthly location history of the target person that you can see virtually on Google Maps.

Tracking without GPS

No other spy software can provide location tracking without GPS but TheOneSpy. A user does not need to use the GPS of the target device to monitor location. You can track the location of the target phone without GPS unless you are tracking calls and messages.

Location trough SMS

TheOneSpy empowers you to monitor target phone location using SMS command. You can send SMS commands using an online dashboard. Once the SMS command is received on the target device, the location of the device would deliver to the web control panel.

Mark safe & dangerous places

Users can use electronic fence around the target device virtually on the map and get email notifications when someone enters or leave the place.

XNSPY: location tracking Features you need to know

Here are the following features of XNSPY location tracking software; let’s get to know about them.

Current location

XNSPY claims to track the current location of the target device quite similar to the top spy apps. The point is whether it can track the location of the device secretly? XNSPY cannot track the device secretly because it cannot hide the app icon on the android 10 and 11 OS versions.

Location history

It also claims to provide location history logs of the target device.

Monitor Specific location

The application provides a Geo-fencing tool in its location tracking feature to monitor the specific location of the target device.

Get Alerts

It also claims to inform the location alerts of your kids like school, partying, and whereabouts.

Final verdict: TheOneSpy has made its way to the next level. It is compatible with Android OS versions 10 and 11 and can hide app icons. XNSPY does not remain spy software for android anymore because it cannot spy secretly on android. However, it only makes false claims because it does not offer the feature that it claims.

TheOneSpy VS Mspy feature comparison

TheOneSpy GPS tracking

We have discussed the feature of TheOneSpy that tracks location in real-time using live GPS tracking software. Moreover, you can track location history, location tracking without GPS, monitor location via SMS and Geo-fencing.

Mspy GPS tracking tools

Mspy is a well-known brand and one of the pioneers of spy apps solutions. The application provides a couple of location monitoring tools that are as follows:

Current GPS location

Mspy provides the current GPS location of the target device and lets you know via a detailed Map.


Mspy empowers you to set boundaries for your kids, and you can get safe and forbidden zones.

Final Verdict: TheOneSpy has the best location tracking software compared to any other spy software in the business these days. Mspy claims to have two location tracking features that work with accuracy, but it also mentions a few features like route maps and whereabouts that it does not provide to its users. Mspy does not protect users’ data and often faces controversies. It also does not hide the app icon on the latest Android OS versions.

TheOneSpy VS Flexispy: Location tracker comparison

TheOneSpy GPS tracker in a nutshell

TheOneSpy has the most powerful and accurate GPS tracking tools that deliver the whereabouts, route Maps, location without GPS, location via SMS, and set safe and restricted places for the target device user using Geo-Fencing.

Flexispy hidden GPS tracking

Flexispy can discreetly let you know about someone’s GPS location. It is one of the few apps that provide tools and accurate results via its online dashboard. There are the following tools of Flexispy that track and monitor GPS location.

Live location tracker

Users can get accurate and real-time GPS tracking of the rooted and non-rooted target device. It also provides a map view to track the location history and record coordinates with the schedule. Users can track cell phone locations secretly or visibly and flag any area.


Users can set an electronic fence around the target device location using Google Map. Moreover, you can mark safe and dangerous places for the target device user via an online dashboard.

Final Verdict: TheOneSpy and Flexispy are the best spy brands for cell phones and tablets. Both provide accurate and powerful GPS tracking tools for cell phones. Users can use them to get the location of the target device to the fullest. TheOneSpy has an edge on Flexispy because it is reasonable in price. Flexispy is one of the most expensive mobile spy apps.

Feature comparison B/W TheOneSpy and Spyic

TheOneSpy location tracker

TheOneSpy is packed with live GPS tracking tools that empower you to monitor real-time location, location history, route map tracking, Geo-fencing, location tracking without GPS and get location via SMS.

Spyic cell phone GPS tracker

Spyic is a new brand compared to TheOneSpy in the spy market. However, the application claims to make its place within a short period. It offers many features to monitor cell phone devices. Let’s compare the Spyic geo-location feature with TheOneSpy.

Track Location

Spyic has a live tracking tool and provides real-time location results via its web control panel. Users can use an online dashboard and watch the location of the target device on Google Maps.

Geo-Fence Alert

Users can create a Geo-Fence alert on the target device. You will receive alerts when someone enters the fence, and when leaving the fence.

Final Verdict: TheOneSpy is one of the best mobile spy apps that provide accurate and real-time location of the target device. Spyic has a couple of location tracker features, and it is able to hide app icons on the latest Android OS version 11.0.

TheOneSpy feature comparison with iKeymonitor

TheOneSpy cell phone tracker

We mentioned that TheOneSpy has the following features that are best in the business. It is also the finest cell phone tracker app that unveils everything about target device location.

  • Live location tracker
  • View location history
  • Track without GPS
  • Location via SMS
  • Mark safe zones
  • Mark dangerous zones

IKeymonitor features that monitor GPS location

IKeymonitor is a well-known cell phone spy brand and often claims to have the best features at its disposal. Let’s get to know about its location tracking software in the following.

  • Customized GPS updates 
  • Coordinates of positions
  • Accurate address
  • History on Map
  • Date & Time

Final Verdict: TheOneSpy is well-known spy software. It has got positive feedback from clients and even its competitors. IKeymonitor allegedly does not have an application.  It sells spy applications of other well-known products. So, the feature they market on their site does not exist.


Brands like Flexispy and a few others are the ones that fall in the category of TheOneSpy alternatives. Other than that spy apps for cellphones, no other spy solution can prove its integrity and authenticity. TheOneSpy is one of the few spy brats that is packed with the best location tracker software.

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