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Top Ten Home Pod tips you should know now

Home Pod

Undoubtedly, Apple has introduced a great invention and it has nailed the software.

The HomePod is finally here and if you’ve got your hands on the smart speaker device or if you’ve placed the order, now is a great time to know the tips and tricks to get the best out of your device.

HomePod Tips and Tricks

·        Ask Siri to play a song

You can interact with HomePod with Siri. Siri is the ultimate way you interact with HomePod and instructs it to play music. The HomePod device is designed for listening songs, you can ask Siri to play a song, who wrote a song, find an album, what album is the song from, and more. You can start by saying “Hey Siri” and Siri will get alert to listen to your command. Apple’s database has all information stored, you can ask Siri to play a song from Music Cloud library or Apple Music and Siri will abide by your instruction.


·        Take Notes and set reminders on HomePod

HomePod is capable of taking notes and setting reminders just like your iPhone. If you need to take notes or set a reminder, you can just say “Hey Siri remind me to call Anna at 5 pm” or “Hey Siri, take a note.” This will work great and Siri will listen to your request.

·        Transfer a call

Although you can’t make a call or receive a call on your HomePod device, you can transfer your call just the way you do with a Bluetooth speaker. While on a call, you can you can tap on the speaker button and select HomePod and you’ll hear the call on the HomePod device. The device will also let you know when you’re hosting a call through a green Siri indicator on the Top panel.

·        Set multiple timers on HomePod

While HomePod isn’t capable of setting multiple timers, you can use reminders to set multiple reminders. If you need Siri to remind you few things after some time you can say “Hey Siri, remind me to take out clothes from the dryer in half an hour” and “Hey Siri, remind me to dump trash after 10 minutes.” This way you’ve set two timers on your device.

·        Send Messages

HomePod is incorporated with the messages app. if you wish to send messages you can ask HomePod to send a message. You can simply say “Hey Siri, message Amanda I’m busy right now, I’ll call you in 15 minutes” You can even ask HomePod to read your messages and Siri will read it for you. Moreover, you can send a voice recording reply to the message as well.

·        Control smart home devices

You can control your smart home devices with the HomePod device. If you own Home-Kit accessories you can use it to control the accessories individually within your HomePod. You can simply say “Hey Siri turn on the lights” and it will work.

·        Disable explicit content

If you’ve got kids and family and you don’t want to play tracks that have explicit content, you can simply turn it off in the app. You can do this by going to the Home app, Select HomePod and scroll down to see Allow explicit content. Toggle it off to hide explicit content.

·        Set alarms

Homepod provides the accessibility to set alarms. Set alarms by instructing Siri by saying “Hey Siri set an alarm for 11 am and it will set an alarm. You can set multiple alarms as well. The alarms that you set isn’t connected to HomePod devices, however, if you wish you can set alarm via a Home app and set as many alarms as you want.

·        Listen to weather & News report

Just like in iOS, Siri will tell you the weather forecast. You can as HomePod how will the weather be today or what will the weather be tomorrow or day after. Similarly, you can ask for a weather report and you’ll hear an audio voice news. You can get to hear news headlines from the selected news sources.

·        Rename your HomePod

You can rename your HomePod device when you’re deciding to change it in another room. To do this, you need to click on the Edit button on the top corner, click on the HomePod and if you wish to rename it, you can enter a custom name. You can also click on the room settings to select another option or select a custom location.

Get your HomePod device to get an experience

It’s clear that HomePod is finally here and these are the top and tips and tricks everyone should know. The above-mentioned tips and tricks are the best tricks.

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Top Ten HomePod tips you should know now
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Top Ten HomePod tips you should know now
You might be familiar with HomePod by now, Apple’s compelling smart speaker that listens and interprets your command. Apple’s HomePod has an outstanding sound system with Siri built-in feature to instruct Siri to play whatever you like and control music and home accessories
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