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How To Track Android Mobile?

Want to track android mobile devices or check the location of your kid? Don’t worry, you will get many Android apps in the market which helps to effectively satisfy your unique needs.

In this regard, you can make use of many different tools to track the location of your device. Some of them also allow you to see app activity, take a picture and also monitor the battery level.

If you want to build such an app, then all that you need to do is to seek the help of an android app development company. They will help you to come up with such an app that contributes to meet your unique needs.

In case, you are making use of an Android device, then there are also some of the most important processes and tools that can help you find its location if you lost or misplace it.

So, below are given some of the most important apps which you can employ for tracking the location of any Android mobile phone for free of cost.  

After knowing about these apps, you can try here.

Best Apps For Track Android Mobile

Before knowing about the best apps, you must keep in mind that the targeted device should be on. Not only that, but the device must possess an internet connection either via, WiFi or mobile data.

But, one should avoid making use of the tracking apps for any kinds of illegal activities. It should not be used for spying on others without their permission.

Find My Device

Find My Device by Google is specifically meant for users so that they can track the location of their Android device. So, you can make use of this particular app for finding a lost phone.

Not only that, but you can also track the location of your friends or family with this Find My Device app. But, in this case, the phone should be online and you should have access to their Google account.

In case, you want to track the location of any other person, you will need the login access of the account which is currently being used on their particular device. The next step is to visit, to get the accurate location.

Important Features To Know About

  1. This app helps to track your phone via. GPS.

2.  You would be able to lock it remotely.

3.  Not only that, but you can play sound specifically for nearby detection.

4.  Another great feature of this app is that you can erase all the content from the device.

Family Locator By Life360

Family Locator is considered to be a family-oriented GPS tracking app. This particular app allows you the opportunity to create your private group which is possible by adding in your family members or friends.

You can have a chat with them and also track their real-time location.

In this case, people in a circle can access the location history of each other. Not only that, but they can also set departure and arrival alerts.

Again, this particular app helps to facilitate emergency help during a lockout or crash. The best part about this app is that it works with both iOS and Android devices.

Important Features To Know About

1. This particular app helps to effectively track android phones of your friends and family members.

2. You can also chat on a private channel.

3. This app provides you important alerts whenever someone arrives at the destination.

TheOneSpy Location Tracking

This is known to be a parental control app that contributes to effectively track location with high accuracy. This app lets you know the last update time along with the phone battery level. Not only that, but this particular app shows you the location on the map.

In this regard, you get the option to block websites, limit screen time and access the device app usage. Even, it detects and provides you important notifications of any suspicious texts and photos.

So, this particular app can be very useful for guardians so that they can keep a close eye on their kids.

As, this app contributes to offer a limited trial specifically for free access, and so, it is considered to be the best option for one-time usage.

Important Features To Know About

1.  This app helps to detect explicit content.

2.  Also, this is considered to be very effective in limiting screen time and also aids in web filtering.

3.  You can track lost android phone with live location with accuracy by making use of this particular app.

4.  Not only that, but you can get app blockers and app usage reports.

Google Maps Location Sharing

Google Maps is regarded as the most widely used map service globally. Along with navigation, you can get the option to share your live location with others. Just, you need to open Google Maps and use the Location Sharing menu.

After that, you need to select a Google contact. This will allow you to track real-time location in their Google Maps along with the battery level of your phone. You will also be able to share their location.

In this way, you can track the location of your family members or friends by making use of Google Maps while they are on a trip.

But, this app does not provide you the opportunity to secretly check the location of any person. This is because Google contributes to sending regular reminders through email.

Important Features To Know About

  1. You can track live location.

2. This app allows you to check battery life.

3. Also, you can share the live location with many people all at once.

Final Words

So, the above-discussed ones are considered to be some of the best apps which you can focus on using for tracking any Android phone for free. Among the above-discussed ones, Find My Device by Google is known to be the most sought one.

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