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Viber clone app script: Do You Really Need It?

do you really need Viber clone app? In the era of modernization, the internet has become an easy and dependable medium of communication, which in fact turned this medium to connect with people easily and fast.

As more and more people are becoming so engaged and dependent on the internet, so many social media platforms were also made. These social media platforms are also providing various satisfying services to their customers so that they can fully enjoy them while using them.

Voice call, video calls, sharing images and important documents, etc. are some very useful services that a social networking site can provide, which are also completely free.

One of the most essential applications which have made communications very easy and fast is the Viber. Just like the other applications, Viber is another social networking app that has been tremendously used by people from all aspects of life. Viber is also a free app and

contains some important features which make this app stand out from other social networking apps.

What makes the Viber clone app unique?

There are many communicating apps out there in the market, which use the Viber clone script to have been considered as the best security support. The Viber app itself includes a high level of security such as end-to-end encryption and more. Another unique service that this Viber

clone app provides to the users is to send secret messages that will happen to disappear

automatically once the receiver reads the message. This unique feature of Viber Clone adds a great level of privacy to the encryption feature. Some best Viber clone app development companies are making sure to provide the users with more unique and useful features that will be secure and helpful.

Below we have put some important and enjoyable features of Viber like applications that might be in your wishlist.

Tighter synchronization with phone:

This is a demanded feature of the Viber clone app, which helps to make a stronger synchronization with the phone, which further offers a full display of the call logs.

This app combines all the mobile contacts, helps the notification pop up on the screen to let the user choose whether to call or send messages through the app. Behind all these, unique and useful features of the Viber clone app is the Viber clone script which a lot of the best Viber clone app development companies use to help in designing the app.

It is one of the important features which all apps should contain. Viber app provides both mobile and desktop versions so that it can be easy for the user to switch or use both of the versions. The desktop version is also there in the Viber clone source code so that it can produce an exact copy of the app which is present on the mobile and

access the copy through the computer. This feature is very much trusted, the user can easily connect one device to another, and share images and videos.

Social Gathering:

The two most important and popular features of this app are group chats and public

chats. The Viber clone app helps to let the users create or join groups, which they can create for their friends, important meetings, or any group discussions. The group chat is also a way to stay in touch with a lot of people.

On the other hand, in public chat users can follow their favorite celebrities, or talk about their favored topics.

Quality Video and Voice chat:

Desktop Version Available

The Viber app also offers one of the greatest features in Video and voice calls.

This live video or voice calling service is there in The Viber clone source code, which is undoubtedly safer and secure. As mentioned before, the end-to-end security that this

app has takes care of the privacy of the users. Also, the quality of video or voice calls is far better than the other chatting apps.

You can also experience all the above-mentioned exclusive and useful features only through a single app. So, think wisely about why you should invest to build an app like Viber and how it can benefit you in achieving your goals. Let’s discuss the cost of an App like the Tiber, a cost

The range to create an app like Viber can be between $4500 to $10000 per platform. You can also check other leading and best Viber clone app development companies to know in detail. So, hopefully, this information can be helpful for you to calculate your cost estimation to develop an app like Viber.

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