Disadvantages Of Mobile

What Are The Disadvantages Of Mobile?

In today’s world, the smartphone is like oxygen for us, human beings. While having the internet as a common commodity, we use smartphones day and night. Now we are bound to it; there are definite points that you can access information, enhance your skills by different mediums. However, there is a negative aspect too. For example, smartphones are one of the main reasons for insomnia. The radiations and lights that are emitted are damaging to brain functions and eyes. We must have listened to it for a hundred times from our elders not to sit too close to a T.V. Little did we know that we will be bashing our phones on a small screen the whole day. Such are the disadvantages of mobile.

How is a smartphone harmful to us?

 The HEV light emitted from the screens of the phones plays a significant role in the destruction of the retina. Although it’s damage comes in slowly, but once it takes place daily, it turns out to be gradually increasing in nature. More damages are done emotionally or on a more psychological level. Everyone sees feeling lonely or feeling like you and depression are some common problems/diseases.

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The internet is also robbing us!

Moreover, from a child’s point of view, the internet is a ‘web,’ which can make anyone a prey. With all types of content online, and in one click, you can access explicit content; it makes a big fuss out of nothing. For example, if the child is exposed to unwanted content, it can severely trigger a child’s mental growth, being one of the disadvantages of mobile.

Online presence is ruining our real lives

If an individual is online all the time, he or she cannot experience real life. Having the feeling of liveliness and what is the real world. Like there are 100 checks before opening one’s account, and that creates a subconscious that starts losing trust in all the people around. It is easy to send or receive videos about different things, but it is hard to experience them in real life. Moreover, usage of smartphones has severely wounded family relations of many; with all the time being on the phone, one cannot make time for his or her family.

Beware of the online frauds

The ‘frauds’ on the internet are very infamous. People have lost millions by giving out their details for lotteries and counterfeit gift cards. Having a smartphone increases the fear of being played a hundred times as you have pop ads everywhere. Also, if by mistake, you click on the wrong ad and follow up on a fake site, people end up losing money. There are many frauds on the internet apart from ‘money.’ The information’ fraud’ too, Using too many apps with no verification fir their safety check, often ends up either in to leak of information or as a virus in the smartphone. However, in the end, every coin has two sides. You either see yourself playing the game or the game that is playing you. That is also among the disadvantages of mobile phone.

Self-control is the key

We should self-control and self-awareness are keys to being safe in such drastic situations. That is why we should always be aware of the pros and cons of every commodity that we use. It is necessary to save ourselves from disasters, as we don’t know what can be in front of us in the next click. Whether it be on psychological or physical levels, we need to be aware of the technology that we are using and how it is affecting us.

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