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WhatsApp Spy App to Monitor Your Teens Android Phones

Teens love staying connected to their buddies and the instant messaging apps have provided them instant and costless ways to socialize with pals. While there are myriad of social media and instant messengers letting the users communicate with the people across the world, WhatsApp is the most popular and widely used messenger at the moment. The messenger allows the users to exchange messages, photos, videos, audios and video and voice calls. Though the messaging app seems harmless, its unsupervised and needless use carries several risks. This article discusses the menaces of the WhatsApp Messenger for children and ways to monitor the messaging app.

What is WhatsApp Messenger?

Offering the basic features of instant messaging apps, WhatsApp Messenger allows sharing text, images, videos, audios, GPS locations, status and files. Anyone can sign up to WhatsApp providing an authentic phone number. However, the mobile phone must be connected to the internet to sign up and use the instant messenger. The app syncs your mobile phone numbers and lets you communicate with the contacts using the WhatsApp Messenger. You can also invite your contacts to use the instant messaging app.

WhatsApp Messenger Threats

The instant messaging app carries numerous potential dangers such as bullying, sexting and child molestation. Though the app is accessible by anyone having access to the smartphone and internet, it is being used by a number of scoundrels and online criminals. Given are the potential dangers of the instant messenger.


Cyber-bullying is the most common online threat right now. Using the electronic media such as mobile phones, messages, emails, chat-rooms, blogs, social media and instant messaging apps to harass, embarrass, offend and humiliate someone comes under online bullying. The bullies around the world use WhatsApp Messenger to send harassing messages to their targets.

Child Molestation

The child predators are the adult social media and instant messaging app users who sexually exploit the teenage victims. The predators use instant messenger to find their target and share sexually explicit content to lure them.


The teenage users of the WhatsApp Messenger use this app to exchange sexually explicit and age-inappropriate messages, photos and videos. Sexting may also cause teenagers to be addicted to the objectionable videos and pornography.

WhatsApp Spy App to Monitor Teens’ Android Phone

It is recommended for parents to supervise the activities of their kids performed on the social media and instant messaging apps. Fortunately, there are spy apps to monitor teens’ cell phone use as well as the use of social media and instant messengers. WhatsApp spy app enables parents to record every single activity of teens performed on WhatsApp Messenger. Once you install the spy app on the Android mobile phone of your kid, you can remotely monitor that phone and control certain functions through the online control panel of the spy app. Read on to know how WhatsApp spy app tracks the messages, calls and media files exchanged by your teens via WhatsApp Messenger.

Track WhatsApp Messages

The messages received and sent via WhatsApp Messages  get accessed by the WhatsApp spy app and uploaded to the online account. Parents can read the messages and get the phone numbers of message senders and receivers.

Track WhatsApp Calls

The spy app provides call logs of voice and video calls exchanged via instant messenger. Parents can detect from whom their kids are receiving calls and to whom they make calls. You can also get the contact number of the callers and recipients.

Track WhatsApp Media Files

While WhatsApp allows the user to exchange photos, videos and audios, the WhatsApp spy app enables parents to remotely monitor these shared files. The spy app syncs the WhatsApp media files stored on the phone and creates an online backup of these files. Parents can see and download these files by logging into the spy app account.

The Bottom Line

The spy app enables parents to track their teens’ Android phone and supervise their WhatsApp activities. It enables them to safeguard their kids from the threats prevailing on the instant messenger. Similar to WhatsApp, the cell phone spy app allows monitoring the other popular social media and instant messaging apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, Skype, Line,  Viber and IMO. You can visit the website of spy app to know more about it.

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