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Top 5 Best WhatsApp Spy Apps for Kids 

The world of online media is full of fraud and online threats. The use of smart devices is the cause of online threats. People spend time on mobile and social networks. We are all dependent on digital devices that change the way we live. In the current era of technology, we live our lives in a modern way with cell phones. Consequently, with cell phones, people are exposed to many serious dangers that need to be controlled over time. It would be helpful if you would use WhatsApp spy apps for cell phones to keep the online world safe.

This article is useful for parents who can use digital devices and monitor their online activities with the best Android apps.

mSpy Whatsapp Spy App

The best mSpy app of its genre works perfectly on macOS and Windows, Android, iPhone, and iPad. Installation files in the formats apk, IPA, or .exe are provided. On the official website, you can download mSpy for “Android”, “iPhone” or “iPad”, specifying the required platform. One of the main advantages of the keylogger is the ability to function on non-rooted devices (Android) and without Jailbreak (iOS). However, this has its own nuances.

Functionality – Basic and Additional Features of the Program

On the main page of the application, you can see the user statistics and the location of the monitoring device on the map. More detailed GPS data is placed in the sections with the same names.

In addition to the main sections, the sidebar has a separate list of all messengers, which is very convenient for the user and distinguishes the program mSpy from competitors.

You can also view browser history, email, etc., block or set restrictions.

As mentioned earlier, mSpy is supported on non-rooted devices (Android) and without Jailbreak (iOS). However, some functionality is missing or limited. In addition, there are a number of requirements that you should familiarize yourself with.

A little Bit about the Basics – Financial Issues and Billing

Important: there is no free version of mSpy in Russian, just like the famous FlexiSPY app. If you are offered free software via torrent or other platforms, remember: it’s low-quality fake software or simple virus software. Be cautious and vigilant! Use only the WhatsApp spy apps. The more so that such a small financial investment will be fully compensated and justified by the available features.

Before you download mSpy on your computer for free, use the demo version, which has all the resources of the full software. And also the developer provides a trial period of 7 days without subscription fees, with full access to all features according to the selected package – “Basic” or “Premium”. The price of mSpy will certainly be indicated on the site, according to the type of verification.

Everything is Simple, Clear and very Convenient

If you need to remove the software, especially if you suspect that mSpy is installed illegally, without your knowledge, you should perform the following steps for iOS: contact “Support”, specialists will disable the target device. It is also recommended to change the iCloud password and activate two-factor authentication.

For Android: you can perform the deletion yourself. To do this, go to “Settings”, then – to “Security”, then go to “Device Administrators”, then – “Update Service” and last – “Deactivate”. In the final step, go back to “Settings” – “Applications” and “Update Service”, perform “Uninstall”.

Using the WhatsApp spy app, you can be sure that all your information is completely protected. You remain 100% “invisible”. The information is updated every 5 minutes, allowing you to always be in the center of events and not miss anything important. It’s the best solution for complete monitoring and control. Join the ranks of our loyal customers! Real user reviews are posted on the website, read them and share your personal experience and impressions!

mSpy – Information about the Company:


USA: +1 855 896 0041.

France: +33 970 738115. Monday – Friday 10:00am – 7:00pm.

Portugal: +351 308 802 223. Monday – Thursday 12:00 – 22:00

Brazil: 0 800 591 5100. Monday – Thursday 8:00 am – 7:00 pm.

Turkey: +90 850 252 6514. Monday – Friday 11:00 am – 8:00 pm.

E-mail address:

Sales Department:

Technical support:

TheOneSpy Whatsapp Tracking App

TheOneSpy is the best WhatsApp spy app for Android that helps you track your digital devices. This app is suitable for iOS, Android, Mac, or iPhone. This software is the best spy software for WhatsApp that ensures that you know about your target persona. By doing so, you can reveal the online characteristics of target devices and protect your children from unwanted exposure to digital devices. The TOS has also authorized employers to check their employees’ activities and know what they are doing in the office. Parents can take advantage of this secret spyware.

TheOneSpy is Useful for Parents.

It gives a list of features that guarantee remote monitoring of targeted cell phones.

How does it Work?

  1. After you install TheOneSpy app, all of your phone data is uploaded to our cloud. If you have a stable Internet connection, it only takes a few minutes 5. After that, all your data and logs are uploaded in real time.
  2. All of your settings and preferences as well as the target phone’s data are stored in our cloud. it collects all the data from the target device and uploads it as soon as any new device action occurs.
  3. All monitoring data, with logs and details, can be accessed at any time by logging into the Console / Dashboard.


OgyMogy is known as a popular Android monitoring app. It allows you to find all the actions on your target device. You can use it to check almost every action of the target person. OgyMogy is popular for WhatsApp monitoring tools for kids, teens, and employees. It is one of the best Whatsapp spy apps that work without any technical problems and provides spying results. It provides many features for tracking digital devices in the era of advanced technology. End-users are given the ability to find the digital performances of their loved ones. This software is used to protect against online threats. It ensures that you are tracking cell phones.

The Best Things that make OgyMogy Android Spy the Best Solution:

  • The whatsapp spy app works on both rooted & unrooted phones and tablets
  • It’s sneaky because you can hide it on your target cell phone device.
  • No anti-spyware solution can detect it on the target Android phone and tablet
  • It can easily hide its app icon on the target phone to the latest OS version.
  • OgyMogy whatsapp spy app for Android has powerful and exclusive features

How does OgyMogy Work?

The configuration of OgyMogy is almost the same for all products, and you can get a license for Android spyware, computer spyware, and Windows monitoring software. You can also access the target device to install and activate the android monitoring software. In addition, activate the control panel to use the features of the desired product and get results through the control panel.

Supported Platform:

OgyMogy is the world’s best cell phone and computer monitoring software. It is compatible with three operating systems such as Android, MAC, and Windows. Android phone tracking app is compatible with OS 4.4.0-11.0. Moreover, it supports all Windows OS and MAC devices.

OgyMogy Spy App: pros and cons

Here are the following pros and cons of the best phone and PC spy software – OgyMOgy.


  • The only legitimate spy app in the world
  • Easy installation of the app
  • User-friendly app
  • Hidden android spy app for phones, and PCs
  • Results-oriented tools and real-time monitoring
  • Exclusive surveillance features for phones, PCs and computers
  • Separate online dashboard for each product
  • Monitor the target phone without the target device
  • Easily adjustable for visible and invisible tracking
  • Compatible with all Android, MAC and Windows operating systems


  • No spyware for iPhone
  • Requires physical access to target device for installation
  • Remote monitoring is not possible unless you install it
  • Don’t encourage spying except for children and employees


One of the relatively new programs of this kind is uMobix. Despite its novelty, it offers many interesting functionalities.

We have been testing uMobix for two weeks. During this time we drew some conclusions which are described in this article.

Installation and Setup on a Tracked Device (iOS)

The installation process on iOS is different than on Android. On Android, physical access to the device is required.

Such access is not required on an iPhone or iPad. You need the login credentials to the iCloud account on the device being tracked, i.e. a username and password.

Apple is serious about user privacy. For this reason, there is two-factor authentication.

If it is enabled, you will not be able to take full advantage of the monitoring application. Most features will be unavailable.

Also, if two-factor authentication is enabled, you will need physical access to your device to retrieve the code sent by Apple. The account holder will be sent a notification when they try to log in to iCloud from a specific location.

Thus, you need to make sure that two-factor authentication is turned off, which is almost impossible with the latest iOS system updates.

Monitoring on jailbroken iOS devices is only possible via iCloud. This means that iCloud backups must be enabled on the device being monitored. When the iCloud backup is enabled and you’ve entered your username and password on the monitoring service, the spy app shows all the information such as photos, videos, contacts, documents, notes, etc. that are in your iCloud account.

To monitor on an iOS device, you need iCloud login credentials on it, two-factor authentication disabled, and iCloud backup enabled.

What I liked

    Calls up to April 2019 were shown during testing

    New calls are displayed within 10 minutes

    Even deleted call records are displayed

What I didn’t like

    Unable to check all calls from a certain number

    No record of calls

    No filtering by call duration


WARNING! Spyzie has stopped working and updating. We recommend that you pay attention to our

Cons of Spyzie:

  • Program is available only in English language.

Pros of Spyzie:

  • More convenient and modern than Flexispy;
  • Low price. The minimum starting price for a monthly Spyzie package is $29.99 for Android and $39.99 for iOS.

If you are going to monitor your Android device and you are not interested in monitoring messengers and social networks, but only need to monitor calls, texts, contacts, photos, and videos, then Spyzie will be the best and cheapest solution for you. The cost of the package will be $29.99.


This article compiles the best WhatsApp spy apps of the latest era of technology. Users can check out the best mobile monitoring apps and know very well about their loved ones. This will help you in digitally monitoring your loved one

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