WhatsApp VS Telegram

WhatsApp VS Telegram a battle between two Messaging apps features

Over the years the two mighty messaging apps have become arch-rivals. However, WhatsApp VS Telegram a battle between two messaging apps to keep the chat private oiled the wheels. Let’s discuss which social messaging app has done better from one and another.

Without a shadow of a doubt might Facebook-owned app WhatsApp has billions of users worldwide. On the other side, its arch-rival Telegram has come up with exclusive features like secret chat, remove messages and encrypted backup provide a massive amount of security to chat.

Never ended battle between WhatsApp & Telegram 

The Facebook-owned app has its security, but Telegram is ahead of WhatsApp because it has features like Dark Mode and large group chats. On the other side, WhatsApp has a lot to do with its Dark Mode features since it has become limited to the beta version of Android. Currently, WhatsApp has yet to release for rolling out to users.  

WhatsApp VS Telegram: Chat group battle

When we talk about the groups, WhatsApp enables its users to add a maximum of 256 users. However, Telegram users to add up to 5000 participants in its groups. The difference is huge, and it clearly shows that Telegram has an upper hand because it empowers its users to add maximum users to its groups. However, WhatsApp only allows few dozens of users in its groups.

WhatsApp VS Telegram: File sharing battle

Users can share video files on WhatsApp of maximum 90 seconds only, but Telegram enables its users to share 1.5 GB files. Telegram also has a chat privacy feature that is exclusive on Telegram. It means WhatsApp has less capable of sharing data compare to its rival instant messaging app. Telegram is way ahead of its rival and allows users to share video files in GB’s.

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Telegram VS WhatsApp: Features battle

There are the following features of the two best social messaging apps. You can read the information to know which one is the winner out of the two famous social messaging apps.

Telegram messenger has exclusive features, and it empowers users to set time on the sent messages. After few times sent a message on the instant messaging app automatically destroy it. Users can set the timer from 1 second to 1 week.

WhatsApp cannot set the timer on the sent messages, and it would not destroy messages themselves. Users have to manually tap on messages to remove them from the chat conversations and sent messages.

Secret chat features battle: WhatsApp VS Telegram

Telegram has come up with a scope that no other instant messenger has introduced yet. It empowers users to have a secret chat feature. This feature leaves no trace of sent and received messages and chat conversations on the company’s server. Users cannot forward the received chat conversations and messages to anyone from a chat.

Further, users can capture the screenshots of the chat in a private mode, but Telegram will send an alert to both message sender and receiver in real-time.

WhatsApp has not come up with secret chat features, and the company saves every message files and chat conversation on its servers. Users will not receive an alert when someone captures the screenshots of the chat and messages at all.

Backup battle: WhatsApp VS Telegram 

Telegram has backups; it can store anything by using its own encrypted cloud. On the other side, WhatsApp takes backup on iCloud or on Google Drive, both things are not encrypted.

Who is the winner?

We have compared the following things of WhatsApp and Telegram from head to head.

  • Chat group capacity
  • File sharing capacity
  • Exclusive Features comparisons
  • Secret chat features
  • Backups of messaging apps

The above-mentioned top 5 things show that Telegram is the ultimate winner no matter how many users might Facebook-owned messenger has at the moment. In near future Telegram could have more active users compared to WhatsApp for sure. Because Telegram has exclusive features, secret private chat, screenshots alert, and video data sharing capacity better than anyone else.


Telegram is an undisputed winner, and WhatsApp has a lot to do to secure its chat, remove messages, file sharing, backups, and many more. So, Telegram has won the battle to keep the chats private.

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