Xnspy Review

Xnspy Review: Get All About Xnspy before Buying It

Getting Started with Xnspy

A comprehensive Xnspy review is here. Xnspy is one of the pioneers in the field of spying for years. It is providing unparalleled and unmatched services in all aspects to its customers and breaking the shackles in augmenting the safety and security of individuals in many ways.

The app is targeted at serving the employers and parents in accomplishing the monitoring purposes on their target user. The employers look to monitor the activities of their employees for maintaining the business progress, while parents look to have a close eye on the activities of their children in their absence.

How Xnspy Works?

All that an end-user needs to do is to install the spy app after getting a subscription of the app; the end-user needs to install the app after getting physical access to the device.

The app provides a Windows spying facility, Mac spying facility, Android spying facility, and iPhone spying facility.

Xnspy Review – Salient Features of Xnspy

The app furnishes a number of features that serve towards easing the lives of the employers and parents in many aspects; we will discuss the promising features of the app in the discussion.

Blocking inappropriate websites

The spy app offers an out of the box solution to the problems of the parents and employers. A few employers face productivity issues because their employees do not perform the assigned duties as per deadline. The reason for the problem is that a few employees indulge in unproductive activities at the workplace; the activities include streaming music and videos, chatting with their friends and family etc.

The said problem can be coped with by blocking the specific websites that are the cause of productivity loss, in this way employees won’t be able to access those websites.

On the other hand, the parent can block the specific websites that are considered as inappropriate to visit by the child. The website involving immoral stuff, websites that are prone to the presence of cyber criminals can be blocked right away by the parent for child.

Monitoring browsing history

The browsing history of the target device can be monitored extensively. The feature works for laptop/computer and cellphone as well. This allows knowing the pattern of internet usage of the child and the employee.

Monitoring SMS and all other internal storage

The feature allows stalking and viewing SMS, contacts, calendars, appointments, and all of the stored data on the device.

For kids, it provides the parent with a fair insight of all the communication and activities performed using the target device so that any mischievous activity can be coped with beforehand.

In the case of employee, if an employee is looking to damage the business integrity for gaining monetary benefits from competitors, the said issue can be catered by monitoring internal storage and SMS.

Keylogger for password identification

The password of all the installed applications can be identified using the Xnspy. The app identifies the password by analyzing the keystrokes while the password field remains active.

This is something special; using this feature; the parent can know all the communication taking place through different apps on the target device. If the child is getting harassed by someone over any platform, the same can be coped with in an efficient manner.

Geo-fencing the target user’s movement

The feature is of prime-time importance when it comes to the protection and safety of the child and maintaining business secrecy.

The feature allows assigning allowed and restricted zones for the target user to visit. The parent can restrict the child’s entrance to the places which are prone to criminal and immoral activities, while the employer can restrict the movement of the employee to the places which are not suitable for business progress e.g. an employer can restrict the employee to visit competitor’s place or workplace.

Phone call recording and real-time listening

The call recording feature enables the end-user to listen to all the phone calls from the target device in real-time. The same calls can also be recorded and saved to the web portal of the Xnspy if the end-user is not available to monitor upfront.

Social media apps monitoring

Whatsapp, Facebook, Line, Viber, Instagram monitoring app, Snapchat and other social networking apps can be monitored comprehensively. Xnspy allows spying on all the chats, multimedia, and voice notes without any hassle.

The VoIP and video calls made through the app can be monitored, and they can also be recorded and saved for later reference.

Pricing and Plans

The prices and plans are given below.

Xnspy BasicXnspy Premium
Month – $29.99 Month -$35.99
Quarter – $41.99Quarter -$59.99
Annum – $59.99Annum -$89.99
Pricing Table for Android OS and iPhone IOS

How to get it?

The app can be used for tracking and monitoring once the end-user is done with purchasing subscription. After purchasing subscription, the login credentials are shared through registered email, and after login, the whole installation guide is furnishes, and following the given set of steps, the end-user can achieve the objective.


Xnspy furnishes a computer/laptop and cell phone monitoring solution. So, the app is compatible to be installed on iPhones, Android phones, Windows, and Mac OS and runs smoothly on all the mentioned operating systems.

Pros and Cons


All the benefits of using Xnspy are discussed in detail.


The app does not furnish call interception feature

Physical access to the target device is needed

Jailbreak of iPhone is required

Customer Service

The customer support department of Xnspy is truly out of the box and stands out of all. It provides 24/7 customer service in every situation and helps target user executing the desired operations on the target device if one faces any difficulty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it legal?

Yes, it is legal to be used for lawful purposes.

Is Xnspy a trustworthy app?

Yes, the app is reliable to spy on all dynamics of communication of the target device.

Does Xnspy work in all countries?

Yes, the app works in all countries around the globe.

Does Xnspy need jailbreak for iPhone?

Yes, the jailbreak of the device is needed in all cases.

Does Xnspy work on rooted android devices?

Yes, Xnspy works on rooted devices without any hassle.

Does Xnspy provide money backup guarantee?

Yes, but the app furnishes 50% refund of the principal amount.

Is it mandatory to physically access the target device?

Yes, the physical access to the device is mandatory.


A comprehensive review of the Xnspy spy app is furnished. All the salient features, pros and cons, pricing, and installation guide is provided. The app serves all the spying needs of the parents and employers and works for computers/laptops and cellphones as well.

One can easily get all the spying needs served using Xnspy.

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