ZTE is Going to Target Bigger Role in UK’s 5G Build Out

ZTE is Going to Target Bigger Role in UK's 5G

Earlier this week with Orange Spain, the Chinese vendor showcased a lag-free 5G hologram call.

ZTE aimed to make the UK a major footprint for the Chinese firm in Europe.  By the ways, it has expressed its confidence towards the completion of 5G build-outs with its rivals.

Jason Tu, the principle scientist of NFV/SDN products for ZTE, has stated in RCR Wireless News that already the common core of ZTE is helping mobile operators in order to evolve from existing mobile networks to target 5G networks.

He also pointed out the comments on the main features of ZTE Common Core, he told about how their technology is helping their carriers to evolve towards 5G. He also stated that ZTE Convergent Common Core for the 2G/3G/4G/5G fixed network is providing a complete, 5G-oriented cloud-native core solution, which can be introduced in order to upgrade the existing EPC network or build an independent 5G core.

The executive said that ZTE Common Core is offering the benefits for operators, partners, and end-users. For all generations of access technologies, operators can build a 5G-oriented common network. With fixed access to the unified architecture with minimum costs, the network has the ability to work as a standard EPC/EPC+/5GC. Furthermore, the network has the ability to allow new 4G and/or 5G services to be developed and generate new revenue for operators.

However, with unified authentication independent of access technologies the end users can have smooth access to any type of network and can enjoy their services. In addition to this when handover between any access technologies occurs ZTE Common Core will also provide service continuity, the executive said.

Also, Jasun Tu highlighted that ZTE Common Core will provide end-to-end network slicing to collaborate with partners in order to build out a path to 5G networks.

“He said that ZTE Common Core is based on a full three-layer decoupling architecture that will follow the standards of NFV/SDN and open-source communities. Also, it has the ability to generate cell phone network unlock code and can smoothly integrate with hardware and software from multiple vendors in the ecosystem like HP, Red Hat, Dell, and VMware.

For existing EPC network upgrades, the ZTE Common Core reduces capex. Due to its simplified network topology, The Common Core of ZTE will also allow telcos to reduce. All the network functions will apply the unified user interface, the unified management topology, and the unified platform that results in a significant reduction in Opex.

All the network functions in 2G/3G/4G/5G/Fixed will be deployed automatically through cloud-native architecture and intelligent network slicing. The duration of network deployment will be shortened up in terms of time by the operators and speed up the deployment of new services. This will improve the operational efficiency significantly even in case of a great number of industry slicing.

Intelligent operation and agile deployment of the network will be enabled by the introduction of artificial intelligence/machine learning and end-to-end network slicing will enable.

With the help of ZTE Cloud Studio automatic network slicing solution, operators can reduce the maintenance manpower and operation. While the efficiency of O&M efficiency can be improved, and shortening of the online service time to market will take place.

And now the ZTE Common Core is conducting a field trial in China’s Guangdong Province and during the first quarter of 2019, it is expecting its launch of commercial version in the UK.

Speaking its mobile news at Global 5G Event in Valencia, ZTE president of Western Corporation Kun Hu has stated that they are making more efforts in order to approach the UK’s four main operators. Because they are planning to make the UK an important footprint for ZTE.

Last year, similar to rivals Huawei, ZTE was deemed a “potential risk” through its unlock ZTE phone service to national security by British cyber-security watchdog the National Cyber Security Center.

However to be more “compliant and transparent”, the firm posted many new milestones.

At Global 5G Event, ZTE showcased 5G use cases in automotive, robotics and entertainment. So, in this way the ZTE is going to target to make its footprint as a bigger role in the UK’s 5G build out.

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ZTE is Going to Target Bigger Role in UK’s 5G Build Out

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